Dorothy Dunnett Dies at Age 78

I was so dismayed to get an email from a friend this morning reporting that author Dorothy Dunnett died of cancer on November 9.

I attended a reading and book signing about four years ago, and it was so wonderful to chat with her, even if only for a few moments.

She had a large following of devoted fans, and I know that some of the Dopers count among them. Here is an obituary:

delphica, thank you for the post and the link to her obituary. I count Dorothy Dunnett among my favorite authors and greatest influences.

How fortunate for you that you were able to meet her!

I made an offer on her mystery/espionage series (the books about Johnson Johnson, the portrait-painter and international spy) about ten years ago…she ended up deciding to stay with her editor at HarperCollins.

Nice lady, fine writer. Her agent is a putz, but that’s par for agents.

I’ve been reading the House of Niccolo books since I was about 15 - I haven’t caught Gemini yet. Thanks for posting the news, delphica.