DOS, VMWare and CDROMs

OK, here is the deal. I want to run an old DOS game - Transport tycoon (not the Win95 version). It will not, under any circumstances run on WinXP. My first thought was to try it under WINE in RedHat - no go. Hmm.
OK, I dug out my DOS 6.22 disks, and installed it under VMWare. But, can anyone think of a way to get the CDROM drive working in this virtual machine. Nothing I have tried so far seems to help.
At this point I am considering making a FAT(16) partition - ugh…YAPAOSWYAIATG (Yet Another Partition And Operating System With Yet Another Item Added To Grub - sorry I just had to do that). But I would rather just get the CDROM working in the VMWare install?
Any ideas?

check out

Or dosemu. That should work with your existing Red Hat setup.

Ah…the dosemu…thankies…I tried the stuff from to no avail, but not dosemu. I will give that a go :slight_smile: Wish WINE supported it but n’er mind

You should be able to assign CD access to your VMWare virtual machine. Then you would have to modify the autoexec.bat (I think) or maybe the config.sys file (cannot remember which one) and add some line that configures the CD ROM drive. Sorry I couldn’t be more specific but it’s been a long time since I’ve had to configure DOS.

Actually I just found a web site with helpful instructions: