Double dutch dogs - and japanese translation request!

Can anyone tell me what the black lab is ‘thinking’?

Geez. I’m not normally susceptible to squee-producing animal cuteness, but that final Heinz 57 with the pink ears and tail…oy. It is to squee. Thank you for sharing that; it warmed this old codger’s heart. :smiley:

As for the lab, obviously on his first go-round, that’s “oh crap” in Japanese.

Kawaii!!! (Cute!!!)

The dog was thinking “I’ll try again.” ^^v

Yeah…looks like “one more go”, or something to that effect.

And echoing the squee. They’re adorable. ^_________^

“I’ll try again” - how gorgeous!

The dog at the end is amazing - is he actually doing real ‘double dutch’, i.e. hopping from one set of legs to another instead of doing a full jump?