Double-sided printing

I just bought a Canon ip4000 printer and I’m trying to make use of the duplex/double-sided printing feature.

I can manage to print on both sies of the paper without having to manually turn the paper no problem.

But I’m trying to print the inlay card of a CD and it’s almost impossible to correctly align the 2 images in MS Word (1 on each page) so that when I print them out 1 image is directly behind the other.

Isn’t there an easier way that I’m missing?

I can’t get Nero Cover Designer nor CoverXP to recgonise the deplux feature of the printer.

Any ideas?

Most duplexers don’t handle anything heavier than regular 20# copy paper very well. You might want to just do the inlay (which I assume is on a light cardstock) manually…print one side, flip it and then print the other side.

Duplexers flip the paper over by curling it around and with cardstock, it tends to not be flat anymore when it comes out of the printer. Also because of the rigid nature of cardstock, it’s more likely that the leading edge of the stock will hang up on something inside the printer and cause a paper jam.

IF your duplexer CAN handle the type of stock you’re using, you might want to try laying it out in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator if you have it because you can set the paper sizes a little more precisely than you can with MS Word. And as long as the Windows printer driver has the duplex option (sometimes it says “Print on both sides” next to the checkbox), you should be able to duplex using almost any software.

Thx for the help jasonh300 !

I’ll get the trial version of Illustrator as it seems that my printer is well capable of doing the job but the software isn’t accurate enough…

If you’re using Avery labels, check the box for an instruction sheet of how to correctly set up margins & tables in Word.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Avery stuff. Avery has software available with the templates for all of their labels and their CD labels and inserts. It’d probably do that for you too.

I got the software free with a box of labels a while back, but I think you can go to their website and download it.

Easier-to-use program. It also syncs with your printer and print the labels to size. You can try it. Her official website -