Double switch

I love baseball, but growing up a Cleveland Indians (American League) fan I never came in contact with the ‘double switch’.

Once the Tribe started winning it wasn’t fun anymore so I switched over to the Cubs. Now, in addition to watching the pitcher strike out, I also hafta deal with this ‘double switch’ thing.

Could someone, in simple “beer drinking fan” terms explain what exactly is going on?



Well, shoot!!! Now I’m stuck in this Cafe thingee.

If a mod could throw this over to GQ I’d appreciate it.

Another example why I think the Designated Hitter should be abolished - it takes away from the strategy of the game - but that’s another thread.

Here’s an example of when the double switch would be used:

The current pitcher is too tired to pitch and needs to be replaced, but he’s also up to bat in the next 1/2 inning. You’d like the pitcher to be able to finish the inning, so you can pinch hit for him, but he’s just out of good stuff to throw. You don’t want to put in a fresh pitcher just to take him out to pitch hit in the next 1/2 inning and waste a fresh arm.

So what the manager does is replace the pitcher (normally batting in the ninth spot) and another player, batting higher up in the order, and switches their batting places in the lineup. So instead of the pitcher batting 9th, now the pitcher is batting in, say, the 7th spot in the lineup. Now the pitcher is not batting in the following half inning (unless the team rallies), and you can use him to pitch again next inning.

Does that make enough sense?

Yes, thank you very much! One last question though:

Does it matter if you are the home team or visitor? I would think that being the home team you could see what the visitors did and gain a (half inning) advantage.

Thanks again!!