Down by Law

YES!!! Jim Jarmusch’s Down by Law will finally be released on DVD on October 1st! It’s in my shopping cart.

It’s a “Criterion Collection” release, which means it’s overpriced and light on features, but it’s a bloody fine bit of cinema!

“If-a looks could-a keel, right-a now I would-a be a dead man.”

“I scream-a. You scream-a. We all-a scream-a for ice-cream-a.”

“It’s a sad and lonely world.”

“It’s a sad and beautiful world.”

But yeah, a great movie. Jarmusch’s best, IMHO.

“No, Bob, in this case you would be looking at at the window.”
“A Cajun goddess, man.”

See? It’s been too long since I’ve seen it.

Oh, Johnny, I hate to give you a hard time, but it’s also, “Eef looks can keel, I am-a dead now.”

My personal favorites: “And why don’t you take a fly’fuck-a! [continues in Italian]”

“I’m Jack; he’s Zack.”

“So, ‘Bob’…Why are you in this prison put?”

“Cigarettes don’t cure hiccups; not in this country.”

“You are good h’egg…We are good h’eggs!”

I would kill for a copy of that song. You know the one I mean.

What features does it have, BTW?

Features? Amazon doesn’t list any. Stranger than Paradise has some behind-the-scenes footage, but it’s an MGM release.

No, I don’t know which song. It’s been years since I’ve seen it. I have a bootleg copy around somewhere, but I’ve been waiting for the DVD.

Love it!

Own the VHS but will keep an eye out for the DVD. Thanks for the heads up, JLA.

I would have bought the VHS, but it’s out of print. Since it was out of print I did make a copy of it years ago from a rental, but the brightness isn’t steady. It keeps getting brighter and darker; not enough to be unwatchable, but enough to be distracting. You can pre-order the DVD at Amazon.

I was surprised it wasn’t released around the time Life is Beautiful came out. It seemed like Roberto Begnini was everywhere. One would think that his poplarity would have increased sales of Down by Law, but the video wardens apparently didn’t agree.

Night on Earth, which also features Roberto Begnini in one of his funniest roles, is not on DVD. Johnny Stechino is hilarious, but it too is not on DVD. (I have both of those on legitimate VHS.)

If you mean the song that plays over the opening credits, it’s “Jockey Full of Bourbon”, and it’s on Tom Waits’ album Rain Dogs.

Aw, crud. I shouldn’t have assumed. I mean “It’s Raining”, the song Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi dance to in the penultimate scene, while Waits and Lurie look on, maybe bewildered, maybe just burnt out.

When I saw it, I thought, “If I ever meet a guy who’s that sweet and whimsical, that is the guy I will marry.” I did, and I did.