Downtown Gas Stations

I was in Baltimore the other day when my low fuel light went off. Instead of chancing getting on I-95 and finding a station within 15 miles, I decided to look for a station. I couldn’t find one with 3 miles of the downtown area!

(I finally found one near the zoo, 45 minutes later and much more stressed than I needed to be.)

I then thought about Downtown DC where I’m from. I could only think of 2 stations within a few miles of the White House area.

Question: Do other cities seem to have a dearth of gas stations in the inner city? Or did L’Enfant just plan poorly? :smiley:

I think most large cities have the same problem. All the ones I’ve been in do. Most of the gas stations in NYC seem to be on the major thoroughfares into, out of, or through the city (next to the bridges, tunnels, highways, etc…

I think the reason is a combination of safety/epa regulation and real estate prices. To maintain a safe filling station, they would need a certain amount of space for pumps, tanks, parking, underground clearance (for the storage tanks), etc… Very very pricy. And you couldn’t build anything over them, probably, so you’d be taking up a large frontage with no vertical.

Besides, where would you get the Goobers and the coon dogs to tell you you couldn’t get there from here?

I might add that in many older cities, the buildings that do exist predate service/gas stations.