Dr. Laura photos

Does anyone know a website which is still posting the Dr. Laura nude Photos??


is one. for god’s sake, can’t you run a search engine?

For God’s sake, why do you WANT to see nude photos of Dr Laura?

Oh god…I feel so icky…I gotta go take a shower…where’s the vodka?

>> For God’s sake, why do you WANT to see nude photos of Dr Laura?

Well, I can’t answer for him but, having just now seen the photos in question I can tell you I can think of millions of people I would rather not see naked before I saw those pix. She does not have a bad body and many women (including many on the board, I am sure) would be quite happy with a body like that. And I don’t think many men would kick a body like that out of their beds.

Or maybe you’d think he’d rather see James Carville naked (and talking!). Ugh! Now that’s a definite turnoff!

I have to second Sailor’s opinion. Like her or hate her she was in very good shape in those pics. I think they were taken about 20+ years ago so she would have been in her late 20’s early 30’s at the time they were taken.

Boy, as much as I can’t stand Dr. Laura, I’ve also gotta agree.

She needed to be educated in the finer points of waxing, but I’d kill for abs like that.

You mean she’s not a natural blond?

Hmmm…not that rauncy, I mean, it looks more like she’s posing for a student art class.
Still, wake me up when you’ve got nudes of Billy Zane.

My father-in-law could get you photos that look so real, you couldn’t tell the difference… his most recent stuff is scary good… hehehehe

Then again, I don’t know if he does requests, he tries to keep a pretty low profile. Hmmm… I wonder if there’s money to be made in custom fakes, made to order…

Not bad, but I’ve seen and prefer better. Did she ever castrate her ex-lover for posting them on the net? I’ve got some pictures of a nude ex-girlfriend and if I ever posted them on the net and she found out, she’d probably fire bomb my house or hire some big, no neck guys named Bubba to break a few of my bones.

Needless to say, they stay in their security box.

The best pictures of her were those S&M ones, I didn’t see them on that site but I didn’t want to look at each picture.