Dr. Pepper/crazy old spoon guy

In the Dr. Pepper ad featuring Garth Brooks, there is an old man in a red jumper (prison?) playing the spoons. If you look carefully, you can see that it is not a real old man, but someone in makeup. Why the hell would they do that??? Was there a shortage of authentic spoon playing old men? Would a younger man banging spoons against his leg like a gimpy monkey spoil the visuals? I need to know!!!

The crazy ol’ spoon guy has been a frequent topic of discussion between me and my brother. Are you sure it’s not really an old guy? I agree that it looks like it could be a young guy with old guy makeup, but why they would do that is a mystery to me.

I must have seen the commercial 1000 times, and the crazy ol’ spoon guy still cracks me up :smiley:

i’m 90% sure it’s a young guy in makeup. If not, then he is terribly ugly and should seek help

They all look like young guys with bad makeup to me.

I did some searching around and found a video of “Wrapped up in You” on Garth Brooks’ official site. The cast and set are the same from the commercial. I don’t have an official cite, but I read a lot of hearsay indicating that the rest of the cast (including crazy ol’ spoon guy) were members of Stomp in makeup.

crazy ol’ spoon guy gives me nightmares!

I am so glad that other people noticed that! That dude was haunting me.

When I see that ad I think of the Country Bears Jamboree at Disneyworld.
And why is the crazy spoon guy twitching so much?

too much dr. pepper?

Or maybe some Jolt Cola…

I would describe it more as “flailing.” He seems to be having some sort of episode. It actually looks like he was filmed playing and it’s somehow superimposed onto the rest of the commercial running backwards or something. Very, very unnatural movements.