Dr Pepper

I can assure you that Dr Pepper with cane sugar tastes distinctly different from (and better than) Dr Pepper with corn syrup. In areas with a significant Jewish population, the recipe for Dr Pepper and many other sodas is changed back to sugar during Passover (corn syrup is made from corn, corn is a grain, soda is liquid, therefore soda with corn syrup is not kosher for Passover), so it’s not particularly difficult to do a direct comparison.

Some years ago, Anthony Dias Blue, food and wine critic for WCBS-AM, held a soda tasting, in which he judged Dr Pepper the clear winner.

John W. Kennedy
“Compact is becoming contract; man only earns and pays.”
– Charles Williams

In general, I think soft drinks with cane sugar surpass those with corn syrup.

Speaking of which, a few years ago, Royal Crown put out a “Premium Draft Cola” that contained cane sugar. I thought it was great, but it disappeared off the shelves after a few months.

What happened? (Poor sales, I assume.) Was I the only one who ever bought it? Is it still available in some stores?

Ahhh yes, RC Cola. In Philly, it was .69 CENTS for 2 liters. Who could complain? It wasn’t Frank’s Black Wishniak, but then…NOTHING IS. :slight_smile: