Dr. Phil for President?

I don’t really mean that literally. But as I listen to the chatter from the various candidates, not to mention the White House, I wonder whether somebody who tells the obvious truth when you don’t want to hear it–like the federal government can’t solve all human problems, and government services have to be paid for somehow by somebody–would have any chance of getting elected? Academics and journalists spend their careers telling us what’s wrong with the tax code, the criminal justice system, Social Security etc., but somebody running for office has to be as vague as possible. I’d love to see a Dr. Phil focus on some public policy issue and ask “How’s that workin’ for you?”

If the choice came down to Bush, any Democratic candidate or Dr. Phil, who gets your vote?

Whut were yew thinkin"?

I don’t need any pop therapist pulling “life strategies” out his ass as President.

I think I’d rather have someone with some political background.

I’d have a hard time voting for a bald fat guy who tried to tell me he’s found the secret to weight loss. And put it in a book, no less!

I wonder if Oprah would produce Dr. Phil’s campaign as well?

And really, could Dr. Phil be much worse than Al Sharpton? Some of the Democrats running (though mostly out of the running, now) would make Dr. Phil look like a great visionary.

Bah. We need more people like Al Sharpton in the race (not just the primaries). Otherwise we will continue to end up with idiots like Bush and Dean who just say what they think everyone wants to hear instead of actually telling us what they believe or showing their true colors in any way. If lesser knowns can steal enough votes, eventually the favorites would actually have to have substance to their campaigns.

Dr. Phil isn’t fat. He’s a big man, but he’s very fit. (And what does bald have to do with either being president or having the secret to weight loss?)