Dr Who marathon

There’s a Dr Who marathon going on. Mostly the most recent versions.

But if they started with the 1st Doctor, and went to the last epi they have- how many days would it take? Of course I know- some epi’s are lost so let us not count them.

This is on BBC America, btw.

The new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, premiers in the midst of it Sunday night.

I’m very upset with her being cast as the Doctor, but for an unusual reason. She was great in Trust Me and now they’ll completely recast the show for the 2nd season, grrr.

The total hours of the show is supposedly 28 days, 18hrs+. This includes the missing episodes.

So … a month of Who. [Initiate Abbott and Costello sequence in 3 … 2 … 1 …]

Wow, thanks!

I just saw a fun clip of the new Doctor:

I’m excited to watch this Sunday and from that clip I think I’ll enjoy her as The Doctor. In just that clip she seems most closely like Matt Smith’s Doctor which I think will work well. I always liked his barely contained energy and excitement.

My question being answered, i have no objection at all in turning this into a discussion of the new doctor, etc. :slight_smile:

Ah yeah! Sorry about hijacking - I had a train of thought to answer your question saying that the new Doctor seems to be a composite of all previous doctors and that a marathon would be a good way to see it all tied together. But I got distracted and just hit reply anyway!


Like I said- not a hijack, please feel free to continue. :wink: