Drafting question - multiple sheet drawings

Is the standard for multi sheet drawings that only the “Sheet X 0f X” changes in the title block.

I am currently in the habit of changing the “title” of the subsequent sheets to decribe what is being detailed. For example, my first sheet might be titled


And my sheet might then be titled


I have either always done it this way or acquired a bad habit over the years, I can’t remember which. Am I doing it incorrectly?



I’m fairly certain that you’re doing it wrong. Title block should be consistent. If you want to be more descriptive, put it in the drawing area (I.e, DETAIL ITEM 13)

I think it’s appropriate to have a drawing description in the title block area, in fact I think it’s standard. However, there is usually an area in the title block just for this. Having the description in the drawing area would make it harder to determine what the sheet actually contained.

An index of the drawings, listing both sheet number and description is common also, usually at the beginning of the drawing set.

Every company has their own standards. But most would maintain the assembly name for all layout sheets. Then details would be identified by their own description such as sleeve sht 1 of 1. But it would have to refer back to the assembly sheet on which it was flagged. Generally above the layout description you would have a sht description such as plan view lower. That way if you are thumbing thru a stack of drawings you do not have to see the whole sheet to identify it.

Thanks for the input. Apparently I am doing it wrong.

I seem to have some vague recollection of a border, I think from a sister company, that had the sheet description in the title block. I think that is where I must have concocted my take on it from.