Dragon Ball Z drinking game

Recently my girlfriend and I decided to geek out like we did in highschool, and she broke out her old Dragon Ball Z tapes (Yeah, almost every single one except for a few during the Cell saga). I just realized that we could make it a whole lot more interesting if we made a drinking game out of it. Right now we’re up to the Namek saga, so I’m not including anything that happens after that.

Take a drink every time:
-Someone faints
-Someone mentions “power levels” or “fighting power”
-Vegeta taunts someone for being weak
-Captain Ginyu does a dance
-Gohan hesitates before a fight
-Someone mentions the Dragon Balls
-Chi-chi worries about Gohan or Goku
-Someone uses the Kamehameha attack
-A “revaltion” is made which you thought was blindingly obvious before
-A cloud of smoke dissipates after a “finishing attack” showing that the person is still standing/floating
-Someone’s aura is shown
-Chi-chi gets angry
-Someone sounds constipated while powering up for an attack
-Deus ex machina is employed
-A crater forms
-A mountain is reduced to rubble

Finish your drink every time:
-The Dragon Balls are actualy used
-A major foe is defeated
-Someone goes Super Saiyan for the first time
-A major protagonist dies
-A new technique is employed (It only counts if it’s the first time it’s used on someone ever, not just the first time it’s shown)

Please feel free to add as many rules as you’d like. The more rules, the drunker we get!

For the Buu saga :

Take a drink when Kaioshin is astonished by something he probably should’ve realized, or states the obvious.

Dude. It’s a drinking game, not suicide!

Every time the Ginyu Force says “Rock, paper, scissors!”. You’ll be hammered within five minutes.