Dragon Dynasty

I am a fan of the SciFi Channel’s original movies. I LIKED King Cobra, about the five-headed snake in South America guarding the treasure. I LIKED the one about the giant monitor lizards on the remote island, and the one about the giant monitor AND the giant snake on the remote island. So when SciFi Channel’s “Dragon Dynasty” aired last night, I had high hopes. Hopes that were DASHED by the WORST acting I have every seen.

Now, given that I LIKED most SciFi Channel’s creature features, you must concede that my standards are not high. They are in fact, quite low. Basic competence will do. But the acting of Dragon Dynasty was far, far below that. The two male leads, one of whom was apparently picked to play Marco Polo because he looked so Italian, spoke their lines in a near-monotone. When they DID bother to inflect their words, they tended to get them wrong. Most of the time, I don’t even NOTICE bad acting, but I finally had to give up on Dragon Dynasty because the acting was just too bad to watch – I just couldn’t believe anything was going on onscreen, than two guys were struggling badly to speak their lines.

I note that no one has leapt to the defense of Dragon Dynasty. I believe that this is one instance in which I can take silence for consent. Or more likely, no one else on this board is willing to admit that they even saw Dragon Dynasty. And I have to say, I understand perfectly.