Dragon Quest IX: Awesome game.

As a JRPG fan, I can’t recommend this game enough. 84+ hours (working out to about 41 cents per hour worth of entertainment; not too shabby!), and still a LOT to do!

I am currently [spoiler]in the post-game, and figuring out how to best work out my characters to beat some of the higher level grottos and cameo bosses. I’d completed the “get Patty into your party” quest and decided I was finally “safe” to read online discussions. That’s when I discovered that you can get Aquila in a later downloadable quest.

At first, I was annoyed at myself for having “given in so soon” to the online discussion temptation. Then I realized: it’s been almost a month since DQIX was released. It’ll be at least another three weeks, if not longer (don’t know the schedule here) before that particular quest is unlocked (since I’m guessing it’ll be the LAST of the “get a named NPC into your party” quests unlocked). I never would’ve guessed that there’d be spoiler-able stuff going on that long after release, and I never would’ve thought to avoid spoilers for THAT long. “I already got Patty. What else could possibly happen that would be a surprise to me?”[/spoiler]

THAT is the mark of an awesome game.

Anyone else playing? Perhaps a Doper meet-up to tag and multiplayer is in order? :slight_smile:

I bought it. Haven’t unwrapped it yet. :slight_smile: