Drawn animation that should be redone as CGI

Once upon a time the only practical way for films to depict something that doesn’t actually exist was either “special effects” of varying quality, or drawn animation. But now that computer graphics have made tremendous advances, it occurred to me that a lot of animation could be remade using CGI. My suggestion is Fantastic Planet, which would be spectacular depicted Avatar fashion.

I can’t imaging CGI making Fantastic Planet anything but worse.

Forbidden Planet might benefit; the monster is too cartoony.

It would be cool for the Zootopia team to go back and update Disney’s Robin Hood.

Watership Down.

Specially when I remember how it was made in the days when the Xerox system was used, when pencil lines where photocopied and then colored eliminating the inking that was once made.

So, yeah, it was more economical; and that leads me to realize how more inexcusable it was for Disney to blatantly reuse a lot of previous animation for Robin Hood. So yeah, I think it would be cool to do a remake.

I agree. Fantastic Planet’s unique graphic style is an essential part of the movie. Using CGI would make it an entirely different movie. It would be like remaking Yellow Submarine with CGI.

A number of animated films, or new versions, are being remade with CGI (sometimes in combination with live action), like Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book.

The Lion King or Pinocchio might be candidates.

Glad it wasn’t just me who said what the …

Due at the end of next year; a BBC/Netflix production.


Transformers: The Movie

No shit. I really hope they kept close to the soure material. They watered down (heh) the original for kids.

I always enjoyed the classic Heavy Metal on late night TV, and was pretty excited when I could get it on VHS.

Then, meh. The whole Tarrna in flight thing, while I admire from a technical standpoint given the time, is horribly dated. That’s one thing that could be streamlined.

Interestingly, the sequel, while surprising us with a maintenance of the Technology Sci-Fi blurring with Sword and Sorcery Fantasy didn’t include a long flight scene. So maybe that’s just better off left off.

That’d be a great one. Get Neill Blomkamp to direct.

How about some of the shows Avatar [del]ripped off[/del] paid homage to?
Flash Gordon and its knock-offs, Blackstar and Thundarr the Barbarian.
Space Ghost and The Herculoids.
Maybe we could get Buck Rogers with decent writers, this time.