"Drawn Together" 3/8/2006

Boba Fett!

Need I say more?

Thing is, there really is such a thing as vaginal rejuvenation surgery. But I’m surprised Clara had a brief career as a lesbian pole dancer without the octopus making an appearance.

Liked Toots plot, too, starting with the fact she had one. Are the non-toon people in the DT universe just humans? They seemed to think they could kill the toons.

Next week–return of Richie Rich the Robot!

I’m a late-comer to the show, so a lot of the backstories I don’t know.

Actually, I thought it was a weak episode. The nursing home story was played straight enough it could have been used in The Simpsons. The vaginal makeover story seemed to be there just so the animators could show Clara’s crotch. And there were no standout jokes or sight gags.

Hows about the list of work done for the makeover? That was gold!

“A fresh coat of taint”

I didn’t like Toot’s story very much.

That was a pretty weak episode.