DrDeth Suspended 30 Days

He was just suspended last month for obsessive posting. He has been strongly modnoted this week more than once for obsessive posting.

Today he was derailing another topic with a tired old hobby-horse of his.

Prior Warnings & suspensions

Jul 12: Received an official warning from @engineer_comp_geekWarning for attempted circumvention of moderation

Jul 12: @engineer_comp_geek suspended this account until July 13, 2021. Reason: 1 day suspension due to obsessive posting. Should moderator actions be in public or in private? - #120 by DrDeth

May 6 engineer_comp_geek Moderator Note @DrDeth, another member has requested that you stop sending PMs. Do not send any further PMs for any reason to the other member or you will be disciplined for harassment.

Apr 25: @What_Exit suspended this account until April 26, 2021. Reason: Consumed disproportionate amounts of staff time. Disrupted yet another thread. Changed the debate and conversation and derailed it. Basically appears to have perfected a different form of trolling.
What I wrote in the thread.

Mar 25: Received an official warning from @What_ExitRE: Pacific War: McArthur vs Nimitz: Who Was Right?

Dec 14: Received an official warning from @What_ExitRE: Oh goodie. Now we have the political sexist take on who gets to be called “Dr”

Apr 2020:

Please also see this Modnote: Rules questions - #15

And I believe ECG has at least one other.

DrDeth has been modnoted, PM’d and warned often and doesn’t show improvement. He is still derailing threads and hijacking threads and is a persistent problem for the staff.

Here are the basics of what he is being instructed about:

  1. Don’t take threads off-topic, especially on nitpicking the meaning of a word or phrase. If it is important to you; split the topic off using the Discourse tool and argue your point in this new thread. If you need help with this, one of the mods, or any of several other posters, could help you. Let any of us know if you’d like help with this.

  2. Don’t worry the same topic to death in multiple threads. Your complaints about the pit, for instance, show up in far too many places.

  3. Don’t complain at extreme length about moderation. It’s fine to request clarification. And yes, the rules allow posters to complain about moderation they think is wrong — the mods even change their minds sometimes, after reading such complaints. But at the end of the day, we get to decide, or Ed does. And you do not have a history of persuading the mods they were wrong. Your complaints mostly just take up time, yours and ours, to no benefit.

The theme is that you need to drop things. Sometimes someone else is wrong on the internet, and you just have to live with it. Drop fights about the meaning of words and phrases, drop your frustration about topics that aren’t going to change, drop your displeasure with moderation. Or at a bare minimum, contain it.