Dreadnoks have to be the WORST mercenary outfit ever...

These guys are a joke- I always thought they were Cobra’s comic relief characters (even more so than Cobra Commander, who did quite a bit of whining).

All they are decent at is disguise. Other than that, they have bad aim, poor morale (worse than Cobra’s regulars it seems), and THEY CANT DRIVE MOTORCYCLES WORTH A DAMN. I can’t count how many times they crash their motorcycles. They must go through a lot. Heck, I bet their entire payroll is spent on vehicle replacement/maintenance because they’re so hard on it. The only times they seem to do something effective usually involve lots of luck and being at the right place at the right time. There’s some episodes where they come flying out of the woodwork with no warning, which is kind of cool, but gets rather suspicious after a while “We would be defenseless if we got attacked right now- oh look the Dreadnoks just came out of no where!”

And their leader can be rendered seemingly helpless with mere SUNLIGHT. What is up with that?

It sounds like they are from Australia, but if that is true than they are very stereotypical Australians (look like Mad Max rejects to me). I can imagine an Aussie version of G.I. Joe where an American mercenary group is portrayed in the EXACT same way based on given stereotypes…:slight_smile:

I always thought of them as general-level troublemakers. Except for Zarana, she was the only smart one aside from Zartan himself.

Well, smashing stuff while on a bike ain’t as easy as it looks, knowwhutImean? :wink:

Why? When the old bike is thrashed beyond hope, just steal a new one.

Uh, where’s that? The Zartan I remember doesn’t have any problems with sunlight at all.
Note: all of the above is based on Marvel’s G.I. Joe comic book by Larry Hama. One of the few “military” comics actually worth a damn, for its use of realistic weapons, tactics, and dialog.