Dream cast for a Dark Tower movie/movies/miniseries (spoilers probable)

Just so you know, I checked now…

crawls off in shame, soz

Just a little graf, thats all…just a little. :smiley:

But come on…Whats wrong with Kevin Costner? He could pull it off.

Well, let’s see…

Roland: an interesting, complex character
Kevin: a man who, I’m sure, has many interests, some possibly complex

Roland: goes on and on about his quest for the Dark Tower
Kevin: just goes on and on

Roland: would sacrifice the lives of his friends
Kevin: has sacrificed many hours of many people’s lives

I’m with MBS… Costner’s just a bit too soft to carry the role of Roland, too nice. And when he tries to get away from that appearance (such as in Waterworld), he starts playing away from his strengths.

It’s like this music CD I heard recently, called “The Territories,” supposedly based on King’s Dark Tower stories. The music is all bright, sweeping new age sort of stuff, however, and while it captures some of the magic of the stories, it completely ignores the darker, harsh, rough elements that are so critical to the success of the stories. I kind of feel Costner would do the same to Roland: he could capture some of the nobility of the character, but none of the brutality. The person playing Roland would have to be able to express both aspects to be successful.

Hey Iteki, did you check yet? grins

Seriously, thanks for looking. I’m looking forward to reading Wizard and Glass again, as it’s the one I remember the least from. Guess I’ll have to wait to decide on those roles until I read it again.

Point taken…:smiley:

I guess my only other choice would be Scott Glen.

But I’m sticken’ to my guns (pun intended) for Jamie Sheridan as Randall Flagg

I was thinking the same thing, roland. I thought Jamie Sheridan did pretty darn well as Flagg.

What really freaks me out, though, is seeing Sheridan play a clean-cut police captain (?) in one of the “Law and Order” series. Weird, weird, weird… I keep expecting him to do that freaky smile of his.

I have only one suggestion, and that’s Kieran Culkin (is that the right Culkin? The middle one) as young Cuthbert. Only a little older, and good at playing wiseass teens.