Dream cast for a Dark Tower movie/movies/miniseries (spoilers probable)

Mind you, I think that a film or miniseries version of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series wouldn’t be nearly as good as the books, which are my favorites of King’s work (an author whose work I enjoy, for the most part, and who I deeply respect). However, if some ambitious filmmaker made an effort analogous to Peter Jackson’s on Lord of the Rings, this subject might be worth discussing.

I’ve been re-reading the whole series, and I’ve slowly been developing stronger visual pictures of the characters in my mind. While nobody fits those pictures perfectly, here’s the ones I think are closest.

The Gunslinger (here meaning the older Roland, who we first meet in the Western Desert): This is probably the hardest one for me, as the Gunslinger is, in a way, more of an icon than a real character. This isn’t to say that he lacks depth… far from it. However, he is portrayed as such a monolithic, distant character that it would be almost impossible for any person to make him real and stay faithful to the way the books portray him. However, one actor that keeps surfacing in this way for me is Michael Madsen. In every role I’ve seen him in, Madsen has a gruff, distant exterior, but which hints at something more within. He could be the rock which anchors the rest of the cast.

Roland (here meaning the younger version of Roland, in his trial with Cort, for example, or in the history told in Wizard and Glass): This one’s tough, too, but not as bad. I might catch some flack for this, but I think Hayden Christensen could pull this off. I pretty much ignore his performance in Attack of the Clones, but Life as a House shows he has some acting chops. He’s got the right mix of sensitivity and mystery to play the Roland that develops into the Gunslinger.

Odetta/Detta/Susannah: This is an easy one for me. Hands-down, Angela Bassett should fill this role. She’s beautiful, but has a hard edge to her. She definitely has the talent to play the extremes of Detta and Odetta well, and mix them up in Susannah.

Eddie: Could be anyone, really, but if I had to pick a name actor I think it should be Edward Norton. He’s a talented actor, he has the range and depth for a character like Eddie, and he’d have some fun with it.

Jake: One is almost tempted to say Jake Lloyd, but that’s too obvious. I’d prefer to see Haley Joel Osment in the part, but it would have to be before he got much older. That kid can act. As an alternate, Rory Culkin (who was the asthmatic boy in Signs) could probably do well here also.

Walter/Marten/Man in Black: Another easy one. I can easily see Gary Oldman in this role, with his strength in playing manic psychos. I love Oldman, mind you, and I always like watching him act. However, he does seem to have a certain affinity for strange, at least slightly off characters.

Tick-Tock Man: My picture of this one isn’t as clear yet, but maybe William Hurt. I like the fact that he often plays “nice” guys, but ones who have an undercurrent of darkness to them. This role could flip that on its head.

Cort: The only one who comes to mind here is David Bradley, who plays Mr. Filch in the Harry Potter movies. I can’t think of anyone better, really.

Cuthbert: Young, confident, and kind of a wise-ass? Ewan McGregor leaps right to mind.

Alain: The more thoughtful of the young Gunslingers, I’m thinking Ethan Hawke, mostly as we saw him in Training Day.

Susan: This is mostly personal preference speaking, probably, but Kate Winslet comes quickly to mind when I think of Roland’s lost love. Yeah, she makes me drool, and your point is?

OK, that’s all I have for now… anyone else want to play? Feel free to amend my selections, or add characters I neglected to mention.


Gods no! Please don’t ruin my love for The Dark Tower with images of Anakin Skywhiner as Roland.

And Ethan Hawke, Ewan McGregor, and Kate Winslet all seem too old to me to play those roles. In Wizard and Glass, weren’t they all just teenagers?

Do a search and you’ll find at least one (probably a few) previous threads on this same topic.

Isn’t Roland supposed to be 14 in W&G? Hayden looks a bit old for that part.

To be honest, I am going to have to disagree with all of your casting choices. The age of the characters is very important, we are supposed to be seeing these things as having a formative effect on the young gunslinger. The tick-tock man has to be huge, this is the main physical description given of him, his size. In one of the other casting threads I made these suggestions.

For Court, I am probably going to go with Brian Blessed.

I still think Wilem Dafoe would be a great Roland.

At least no one’s mentioned Bruce Campbell as Roland. Apparently there are members of his cult who think he can play ANY role. I like his work, but he ain’t the one for Roland by a long shot.

Superman, maybe. Roland, nah. :slight_smile:

I don’t think Bradley would be a good Cort. Too tiny. Cort’s a hard ass. Barrel-chested comes to mind. What’shisface from The Piano, Harvey Kietel. He’d be good.

Osment and Lloyd would make terrible Jake’s. But I think Culken is a great pick.

As for the younger set in W&G, I don’t care, as I’d never see it. I hated that book. Take out everything between the scenes on Blaine the Train and the Wizard of Oz-ish ending, and you’ve got something worth watching, even if it’s only 1 hour.

Well, you didn’t disagree with all of my casting choices, Iteki. I’m glad to see you like Angela Bassett for Susannah, anyway. :wink:

We’ll just have to agree to disagree on the “cowboy thing” for Roland I guess. To me, that’s something that should actually be avoided. I don’t see Roland as a cowboy figure at all… more like a knight, but one who uses guns rather than a sword and shield. Eastwood, Sutherland, and especially Sam Elliot (ew) would be about as far from good choices for the older Roland as I could imagine.

Munch, I like your suggestion of Keitel for Cort… don’t know why I didn’t think of it in the first place. Consider mine replaced. :slight_smile:

The more I think about it, the more I think Rory Culkin is a better Jake, too.

Willem Dafoe could be a good Roland, so good call Mr. Blue Sky. I’m not sure if that’s better than Madsen or not, but I think Dafoe could do it.

As I recall, Roland, Alain, Cuthbert, and Susan are all 18-20 in Wizard and Glass because that takes place a few years after Roland’s test with Cort. So, yeah, some of them are a bit old in real years, but I think it could be pulled off with the people I’ve suggested. Then again, it may be better just to have unknowns in those roles. I’ve yet to re-read W&G, so maybe my impressions will change when I do.

And for those who dislike Hayden as a young Roland, I can understand your problem with it. Kinda like seeing Mark Hammill these days, I guess (though he did a great Joker voice). However, I’d be interested to know who you you’d like to see there instead. There may well be a better suggestion… so give with it already!

I think Roland would be best portrayed by Scott Glenn, he of Backdraft and various other movies.

And how about [Mark Ruffalo](http://www.imdb.com/Name?ruffalo, +mark) from You Can Count On Me as Eddie?

Crap, hamsters ate my post.

Regardless, Roland was no older than 14 when he took his test. I want to say he was 12 or 13. Anyway, Roland et al. were 16 at the most in Wizard and Glass. No way Hayden could pull that off.

My suggestion would be Shia LaBeouf from Holes.

Right you are, Munch… I was getting ages confused. Damn, yet another reason I should see Holes. Loved the book.

Superdude, Scott Glenn used to be at the top of my list for Roland, especially after seeing him in The Keep and THe Right Stuff. These days he looks almost a little too grizzled, though… a younger Glenn (maybe by ten years or so) would work nicely.

Can I play Oy?

I agree with Avalonian about Ed Norton as Eddie. What about Viggo Mortessen as the older version of Roland?

I didn’t know who Madsen was until I looked him up at iMDB. He’s too…fleshy. I picture Roland as a massively dehydrated person. Willem Da Foe would be perfect. I don’t see Mortensen in that, either. I think Eastwood would be excellent, as well, but too old now. If Harrison Ford could lose 40 lbs., he could pass.

What about Sam Waterson from Law & Order?

Oooh, Keitels good yeah!

Avalonian, I love that people can have such different visions brought from the same texts, so it’s all good :slight_smile: I can go with Culkin as Jake!

Didn’t the boys leave town very soon after Roland took his test, mainly because as he was now a gunslinger Martin could legitimatly take him out any time he wanted (since it was only by a hairs breath he took his test)? I can go peek at my book.

I always picture Kevin Costner as Roland

And Jamie Sheridan played Randall Flagg pretty good in “The Stand” so he’s my choice for that role.

I’ve always pictured Eddie as Christian Slater.

Been hittin’ the devil weed again, eh, roland…

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and when Stephen confronts him at the whorehouse the next morning…

Checked now…

and when Stephen confronts him at the whorehouse the next morning…

Checked now…

and when Stephen confronts him at the whorehouse the next morning…