Dream magic

So me and my comrade were infiltrating the enemy’s city and we ended up running past this big white square marble building. We ran up the front steps and into the alleyway on the right side where we were surprised by a guard.

We quickly knocked him out and my comrade decides he’s going to switch uniforms so he can blend in. I go to the back of the building where a garden lays to watch for other guards coming. Sure enough there’s a second guard at the other corner of the building. I stick out my arm and quickly call forth a small and compact yet very powerful fireball and launch it at him. Not realizing how much energy I put into it he decides to catch it and throw it back at me. I laugh as the fireball sails off into the distance trailing the guard.

Then a third guard arrives where the second one was and I blast another fireball at him. He manages to block it but the force knocks him over the railing and out of sight. I glance at my comrade and he’s almost ready but when I look up I find a hail of iceballs coming at me fast so I throw up my arms and cast power shield just in time. They splatter against the invisible shield in a very reassuring manner.

I again cast a quick glance at my comrade but then I woke up and I was very disappointed. First off because casting magic was very fun. But also because I never feel anything when I do it. In the past few weeks I’ve also cast a levitation spell and an anti-teleport spell (man you should have seen the guys face, totally shocked) but I’ve never felt how I did it. I simply saw that the guy was teleporting out and then knew that I was stopping him and then saw that he stopped. With the fireballs I simply held my arm out in front of me and that was enough.

You’ve heard about ghost limbs right? Is that the term? Anyway that’s when a person, say, loses an arm but they can still feel their fingers. This is the exact opposite. I have it but I can’t feel it and it just seems weird. Who else does magic in their dreams? Could you describe for me what it feels like when you do so? Perhaps if I hear your description I can incorporate it into my dreams and make them a little more realistic.