dream sense?

I have no common sense.

Last night I had a dream where my lack of common sense got in the way. Someone was talking to me, and made an offer I thought I had to refuse. He then POINTED OUT TO ME that he was aware of that reason but if I only spent two seconds THINKING about it, I’d realize it was no reason to refuse his offer.

He was right, and it was perfect common sense.

But wait: if I don’t have common sense enought to realize something, and even in this dream it was evident. . . how did the character in my dream have common sense? He wasn’t anyone I knew in real life. Just a stranger.

This isn’t just a made up person with a quality I lack i.e. it’s not like he’s an olympic swimmer and I’m not, or a musician and I’m not. He had a quality it isn’t possible for him to have; for this figment of my imagination to have such good common sense, he’d have to take that quality from me! But I don’t have that quality!

My question is: how is this?

I bet you have common sense, you just repress it in the daytime. I’m like this too. Sometimes things make sense to me only after sleeping on it, since all the bahooey that goes on in the day keeps you from thinking deeply about something.

There are also the times when I dream up some complete bullpucki, and only realize how ridiculous it was after I wake up. So it’s good to have a subconscious you can bounce things off of, but don’t rely on it.

That’s it! I am staying home from now on. Astral project into somebody’s dream,try to teach um some common sense and this is the result. Somebody get this hook out of mouth.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

Serves you right, MJ; commonsense is an oxymoron, didn’t you know that?

Perhaps you should post your experience in the learn something new everyday thread! :slight_smile:


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