Dreaming about TV characters :-)

I had a dream about House this morning! I was definitely a Cameron sort of character, because I was younger than he and wearing a white lab coat. I think I was also her build, with long nice hair (aka the opposite of IRL). He was out in the snow with his cane and I went up to him and kissed him (a lot!) to warm up his chilly lips. He told me he loved me and I couldn’t believe it because I loved him too! For most of the dream he looked just like on the show, piercing blue eyes and all (swoon) except at one point when he was way shorter than me. :confused: But during all the kissyface parts he was way taller than me, which is how I like it!

No it didn’t escalate beyond smooches but it was a sweet however-many-minutes dreams really last.

Oh, you lucky, lucky girl.

I did once dream about being Natalie Portman and falling in love with a wild, untameable Hugh Jackman character (the plot was roughly equivalent to a bad romance novel) but that’s me…

I dreamt about Boromir once.

No, I’m not going to tell you what he was doing.

irritable sigh My dreams suck.

That’s hot. /Paris Hilton

Every few weeks, I have a dream about Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman! My subconscious has rewarded me with such dreams ever since I was a teenager. (I am 45, and watched the Wonder Woman show when it first aired.)

I Dream of Jeannie.

I used to have a lot of nightmares. (After a while, they probably became a self-fulfilling prophecy: i.e, I was dreading having a nightmare before I fell asleep and thus, I had one.)

One night, I dreamed I was in a Buffy episode. I discovered that I could do all of those wicked-cool martial arts moves, and somehow “remembered” to do them in my next bad dream. Now, whenever a dream starts to take a scary turn, I just kick someone in the face.

I chuckled over the idea of sending a thank-you note to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Keanu Reeves once called me to tell me I owed him money. I screamed and ran away. Things got pretty ugly after that.

I had a dream last night that my wife and I were considering buying this huge estate where a cult had murdered dozens of people before kiling themselves in the basement. The price was very low, and an Erie feeling krept over me as I stood in the Livingroom. Before I knew what was happening, Demonic Forces of Satan and Hell were at work trying to confuse me, control my mind, and twist my will to do its Unholy Bidding…
Damned Realtors…! :mad:

ME TOO! (OhmyOg, we’re Potentials, Lissa!)

I’ve also had a number of yummy erotic dreams featuring James Marsters. Not Spike the character, but the actor himself. Mmmmmmmm…

I usually don’t dream about the characters but I get cameo appearances from various actors. The first one I remember was Valerie Harper (I was a kid and thought Rhoda was cute). Since then I’ve “met” Robert de Niro, Sandra Bullock, Ray Romano, Dustin Hoffman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tom Cruise, Robin Williams, Dame Judi Dench and many others.
The encounters are usually mundane. I met Ray Romano at a convenience store and we griped about our kids who were running around causing havoc. Dustin Hoffman and I shared a cab to a museum. Judi Dench was sitting next to me at the dentist and complaining about how she was going to be late for a dinner reservation.
Of course, my encounter with Angelina Jolie was a little more interesting…

And I dream all the time about Spike, not Marsters. The dreams are wonderful, too. Rrrrow… :eek:

I have dreams where I have a crush on Grissom from CSI.

I dreamed that the NCIS crew was investigating me and Mark Harmon was trying to interrogate me but I kept asking “Have you let Abby see the evidence? Is she here? Have you talked to her lately? She’ll show you that I’m innocent!”

And what makes it so bad is I don’t know what [del]I did[/del] they were investigating!

The Wednesday morning before last, I dreamed I was on Hell’s Kitchen. We were paired up for a challenge and I had wound up with Sara. :rolleyes: The challenge was that we were supposed to clean up after our own breakfasts, which simply meant hand-washing and drying the few things we’d used and wiping down the counters and such. Weird, huh?

So Sara was washing as I was doing the drying. From where I was, I could see into the men’s kitchen down a kind of wide hall. There was a half-wall dividing their side from ours and Chef Ramsay was just on the other side. He was sort of acting like when two neighbors chat over a fence, only he was doing all the chatting while I was silently wondering where I should put the dishes once they were dried.

Eventually, he started talking softer and I realized he wanted me to come closer so he could tell me something he didn’t want the others to hear. When I did, he told me he had some secret information concerning a contestant named Jay. He couldn’t tell me what it was but Jay was going to be kicked off the show. I pictured three folded black documents that discribed his transgressions.

I went back to get another dish and saw that Sara was sitting on the floor with her back to the counter. She griped to me that I had made her do all the hard work on this task. Since there was no hard work, I took this to mean that she was jealous because Chef Ramsay was giving me special attention.

That was about when I woke up and realized that he had been trying to tell me who was getting banned from Project Runway that night. Only I also realized there was no Jay this season. I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out who “Jay” might be and what Chef Ramsay knew about him.

That night, of course, I found out it was Kieth who got banned. It was interesting to note that he had been charged with three rule violations: He left the group when they were out and about, he accessed the internet and he smuggled design books back into his room. One violation for each black document I’d pictured!