Dreams are amazing

Just had a great dream; I’m not going to describe it (they never work in the retelling), but it’s prompted me to “big up” dreams today.

Generally when dreams are discussed, it’s about the classic dreams of realising you’re naked, trying to run but not being able to, erotic dreams etc.

I’ve had dreams like that but generally my dreams are much more interesting.

Very often I wake up and think “I think I’ll go to that awesome city today” before realising that I can’t because it doesn’t exist.
And the thing I find amazing about them is the level of detail. I can’t believe my brain can render them in real time.

And then of course there’s the whole emotional component.

My favorite dreams are usually the ones with incredibly gorgeous scenery. (Usually natural, but sometimes cities or other man-made landscapes.) There seem to be numerous places that I have visited repeatedly in my dreams that do not exist IRL.

I had a dream the other day during a nap that had a guy I haven’t seen in more than a decade made breakfast for me. It was crinkle cut fries mixed with sliced polish sausage and cheese and may or may not have had scrambled eggs. We dumped a ton of tabasco (which I don’t even like in conscious life) on it. I could actually taste it and, as weird and not great as it sounds now, it tasted amazing.

Then we went and watched as one funeral procession got cut off by another funeral procession.

Very WTF. But I liked it so much because of the keenness of my dream senses of smell and taste. That part was cool.

You can still decide to “go there,” if you learn lucid dreaming techniques.

Flying dreams are my favorite. They’re scary at first, but once I figure out I can miss the ground just by turning, I start swooping through trees and around buildings, and then become scared that if I land I won’t be able to take off again, so I just keep flying until I wake up.


I don’t usually have flying dreams of the swooping and soaring kind, mine are usually the boring levitation kind.

I sometimes have a cool dream where the Moon is super close to the Earth for some reason. It takes up most of the sky, and it almost looks like you could reach out and touch it.