dreams when i was younger compared to now

I remember when i was a little kid I would have surreal dreams that seemed so realistic, that i would wake up and be convinced that it happened. Sometimes for instance i would have a dream that I got something i really wanted and it was so realistic that i would wake up that morning and go to the place i last saw it in the dream. These types of dreams were very comman and I always recalled them after waking up.

However, now that i’m grown up I find myself having weird dreams that make no sense at all, such as going over to my friends how to see him, and it turns out to be my grandmothers house, but you walk into another room and it becomes sometihng totally different.

I have talked to many people about this, and most of them say they remember this type of phenomenon, I was wondering if anyone else recalls this happening?

This is completely normal. Hence the lack of replies.

One theory I saw is that certain rational parts of our brain (parts, for instance, that know which room is connected to which) are simply turned off while we are asleep.

According to developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, children from ages 2 - 7 are in his “Preoperation” stage.

Basically, in this stage, children sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between their imagination and reality.

From age 7 - 11 thinking becomes more abstract, but includes the need for examples to illustrate abstract concepts.

From ages 11 - 15 children form the ability to understand symbolism and abstract concepts without examples. It includes the ability to reason logically and use deductive reasoning.

Here’s a link to the article quoted. http://psychology.about.com/library/weekly/aa051501a.htm

Not a great article, but I was looking for a quick explanation of Piaget’s stages of development.

beefyman, Google on “child development,Piaget,dream”. You’ll come up with plenty of reading material. And welcome to the Straight Dope!