Dreams where unfeasably attractive females show interest in me...

… I’ve had a few recently.

Aren’t they great! Hate to wake up from them though.

The most recent one had twins!

No sex involved… Which is ok.

Tell me about your most recent “Something unfeasably good happening” dream(s).

Mine nearly always involve sex. Usually with incredibly hot guys. I love dreams. :slight_smile:

(one recent one disturbingly had a 14 year old. I know this because he said he was 14…though there was no actual sex in that dream just the strong suggestion that it was imminent)

The other two most common themes that I enjoy are that I can fly or shoot electric bolts from my hands. Of course those are balanced out by the dreams where I know in the dream that I used to be able to do those things but can’t remember how anymore.

Pfft. An unfeasibly attractive woman is attracted to me in real life!

My dreams, however, are just as mediocre as my real life in every other way. I am completely ineffective in everything I attempt to do. As soon as the hockey dream starts, I can bet I’m going to trip over my own stick, miss the open goal, or otherwise boob it up.

Once, though, I had this great dream where I was flying an F-15 and I blasted some enemy warplane (OK, his was a little prop-driven thing, so I had an unfair advantage. Still freakin’ cool though.) After getting him (with the gun, no less), I rocketed up into the sky. That was awesome.