Okay, in the thread on lucid dreaming, I suggested we start a thread to discuss our dreams (if your comfortable with that), kind of like the Random, Mundane and Pointless things thread (#5 under way!).

Here are my two from last night.
Well, thanks to Pickman, who wrote that his father got held up by John Dillinger in Flint, I dreamed I was on a man hunt with a hoodlum for Mr. Dillinger. It involved not letting the hoodlum know who I was and we were running through all these interconnected basements. I had on the flapper clothes with stockings and everything. Very weird.

Also dreamed that I was swimming with a killer whale at some aquarium and that I got out just before it decided it was lunchtime. I also managed to give the slip to the caretakers that had shown up and were chasing me. This one must come from the Darwin Awards thing I read about the moron that actually tried this (see www.darwinawards.com -I read about it on Thursday last.

Anyone else want to open their psyche up? :slight_smile:

I’m getting Lazik eye surgery in November and I had this Let’s Make a Deal dream where the doctor was telling me that in order to get the surgery (which I very much want)something else bad had to happen, so he keeps listing these combinations that are very horrible and of course I can’t pick any of them because, well…just read the ones I remember:
–surgery but wife would get beat by a small crowd of thugs
–surgery but my sister would have a hot poker shoved in her eye
–surgery but the doctor would cut off my toes
–surgery but there would be a wicked tornado that would level my house
–surgery but Regis and Kathy Lee would move into my house (o.k., o.k. I just made that one up)

Sucky dream. Thank God they have already billed my credit card and I Monty Hall isn’t their spokesperson.

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I dream of BunnyGirl.

For some reason, every dream I’ve ever had has either 1) lions chasing me, or 2) a flood/body of water. I just don’t get it…for a few years it’ll be the lions, then it will suddenly change to the water. And with the water…no one in the dream pays any attention to it, usually. The dream just occurs normally, except that everyone is wading in about two feet of water. Huh?

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When Byron’s mom died, we inherited her house. After several months of not actually doing anything to update it or make it more “us”, I finally decided to go through the kitchen. There was still a crapload of her stuff here and there, so I was sorting through all of her stuff and all of ours, boxing the unwanteds, organizing the keepables.

I worked on it all day and much of the night without really making a huge dent. That night (Labour Day, BTW) I remember dreaming about the task. The major thing with the dream was this: everytime I would get a cupboard organized, I’d go to the kitchen table to take a smoke break. As soon as I sat down, I’d look up and see that all the stuff I’d cleared out had been put back, and all my stuff had been put into the boxes.

My first reaction, of course, was that my mother-in-law does not like the idea of me getting rid of her things, so she’s sending me signs to forget about it.

A more logical explanation, I think, would be that I’m overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of clearing, sorting, and reorganizing the contents of this house, and I feel like no matter how much effort I put in, it will never be done.

I had an awful dream a few nights before that. My 17 mo. old son and I were sitting at a bus stop chattering at each other, when suddenly, he slid off the bench and started ran into the street just as the bus was coming. I screamed his name (in the dream and for real, which woke me up) and just before I opened my eyes, he turned around and smiled at me as the bus came toward him. It was the first nightmare I’d had since pregnancy, and I cried myself back to sleep.

Though I don’t plan on waiting at any bus stops, least of all with Bowen, anytime soon, and I certainly don’t place him in situations where he has an opportunity to run into the street, I’d certainly like thoughts about what the dream meant.

Good thread, BTW.

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I’ve been waiting for a thread like this, and I didn’t want to start one…

Here are two dreams that I had recently:

  1. (mid-late July, This might have something to do with watching “From the Earth to the Moon” on HBO, reading this board, and falling asleep afterwards.) In my dream, I was walking through one of the facilities at NASA, on a guided tour. At one point the tour took us to the shuttle astronauts. Since I didn’t know any of their names, I looked at the nametags and tried to match them to their faces. One of the nametags said “LOVEROCK”!

  2. (mid-August) I’m sitting in my former home, which I moved from over two months before this dream. I’m talking to these three people: Dan Kaplan (the UBB guy), Ed Zotti, and none other than Cecil Adams.
    Unfortunately, these are dreams where I meet people I’ve never met, and then after I wake up, their faces are blurred.

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Two dreams. One by me and one by someone else.

1 (By me, recently): Nothing against people with tattoos, but I personally don’t want one. Definitely not one like what I dreamed about recently. There I was, looking in the mirror at the massive tattoo that started at my right elbow, extended up my arm - encompassing my bicep and tricep, covered my shoulder and part of my upper back, thinking, “When did I get this and what the hell was I thinking?” and, “Awww shit, I don’t even want to imagine what the laser surgery is going to cost!”

2 (By my girlfriend, who has a tattoo that’s smaller than some of my freckles): She’s at my funeral with several of her friends. They’re all sitting there just bawling. I’m lying in my beautiful clean white coffin, wearing a black suit. The funeral is taking place outside and the weather is perfect. The next day, she’s sitting in her office realizing that I’m gone forever. (She had this dream back in February or March.)

Strainger, maybe your girlfriend’s dream was a premonition of you leaving?!

Babar, dreaming about me, eh? That’s one I haven’t heard before! :stuck_out_tongue:

No dreams for me last night: I stayed up watching MTV Video Music Awards (maybe that should be filed under “Guilty Pleasures”) and I didn’t get my 8-9 hours I need. Geez, I’m as bad as a cat!

BunnyGirl, I was thinking the same thing as I was typing it!

I dreamed I led the Easter Parade in my Maidenform bra!

In the Kool Aid thread I was reminded of one of my creepy dreams (not all my dreams are creepy just the ones that interest me most).

Anyway, I had a dream whence I was still in college about this guy named Tyson Hahn. He is an admitted Satanist (not a problem with me, but he was a jerk). To continue, in my dream I went to see Slayer or Deicide or some such band with him and during the concert he kidnapped someone’s baby. Well, I did not realize this until we were in his truck (he never really owned a vehicle) and the police had stopped all the traffic and were inspecting the vehicles for the missing baby. Well, as he saw the police getting closer he reached into the back camper part of the truck and pulled out a blender and plugged it into some socket and shoved the baby in. After that we both drank the baby puree and do you know what it tasted like? (Yes, sometimes I can taste in my dreams.) It tasted just like oversweetened tropical punch Kool-Aid. To this day I can not drink Tropical Punch Kool Aid.

Another disturbing dream I had was several years ago. My lover at the time and I just moved into a new apartment. Well within the first week I had a dream that my sister did not really kill herself (she shot herself and died whence I was 16) and she just faked her death so the people were after her would not try to follow (there were no people after her AFAIK). Anyway, seeing her explained why her corpse did not look like her. Also, she said that she was sorry that she did it but she just could not cope. Anyway, as the dream progressed, it felt more and more real. The whole family was very happy that she was not dead. And then after she won herself back into all of our hearts, she moved into her own apartment then she shot and killed herself again in almost the exact same situation as she was in originally.

This dream felt so real, it still gives me chills.


My Very First Flying Dream

 I had this dream about 10 years ago, and it was so vivid and real to me that I can still recall every detail.
 It began with me waking up in my bed (a common thing in my dreams, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to realize I'm dreaming) in the middle of the night. I go to my window, open it, and after looking around the backyard, I lean out as far as I can. I knew I was probably leaning too far out, but I keep going, until my whole torso was out the window. I could feel the cool breeze and smell the summer night. I suddenly realized I could lean farther still, and at that point, I looked back to see that I was completely out of the window.
 I guess looking back broke my concentration, and I started to fall. I stopped falling right before I hit the ground, and I was floating about a foot above the ground, Superman style. I realized that all I had to do was think 'up' and I floated up. I kept going up until I was higher than all the houses. I navigated by keeping track of the streets below, and I went towards Coney Island (I live in Brooklyn, NY). I remember being surprised to see that from above, the Coney Island boardwalk isn't a straight line, but has a slight curve to it. I flew out above the water, and thought I could come down a little because it was dark and I probably could go unnoticed. I descended until I was about three feet above the waves. I was about 40 to 50 feet from shore, and I could smell the unmistakable smell of the Coney Island water, and taste the salty mist on my lips. I flew lower and lower until I was barely skimming the surface of the water, and then I dove right in. I found that I could 'fly' underwater just as good as in the air. I also didn't need to come up for air, so I decided to look around a while. I swam up close to shore, and found myself beneath one the piers. I saw a dead and bloated dead black woman. Her foot was caught in the rocks, and that was why she never washed ashore. That spooked me, and I woke up soon after.

I kept looking in the newspapers for mention of a body washing ashore after that dream, but never saw anything.

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I am having liposuction on my tummy and back next week and I’m looking forward to it. But a couple of weeks ago I dreamt that the doctor took so much off my back that my vertebrae were exposed & the skin coming off in some places.