Dress Code at Work? Why no denim allowed?

I’ve just gotten a memo at work, reminding everyone about our “dress code”. Among all the basic standards of attire, it stipulates that “denim of any type” is not allowed. All of my other previous jobs had similar rules about the dreaded denim.

My question. What on earth is so offensive about denim? At a previous job, I wore a nice blue denim shirt to work one day. I was confonted by management and told that my shirt was not appropriate for a call center environment. Whaaat??? Had my shirt been any other color but blue, they probably wouldn’t have said anything…

I forgot to mention that I work in a small call center and have virtually no contact with people other than on the phone.

Well, I personally think it’s a control issue, since you have so little contact with the public.

In other settings, it might be easier to forbid denim because there are so many tacky things that can be done with denim. Cut-offs, weird bleaching practices, “over-stonewashed”, and what have you. I doubt that a nice “normal” un-tattered pair of denim jeans would disturb them, it’s the other stuff they want to weed out. It’s a fine line.

A few months ago, we were all issued uniform denim shirts to wear at work. But at the same time, we were told not to wear jeans anymore because “denim-on-demin” is a fashion faux-pas, according to someone upstairs in management.

That reminds me of when my sister got her school dresscode. it said that you couldnt wear overalls,when my sister asked one of the teachers why she said “I cant tell you, but just dont wear them”. Confusion.

At least you don’t have my dress code. Slacks or jeans with a dress shirt. Jeans may be any solid color except they may not be any shade of blue. Blue jeans are unprofessional but pink, green, red or orange are acceptable.

I don’t get it, myself.

I manage a call-center and finally found out the secret reason why from the HR department.

The real reason is that by forcing people to wear “business casual” most of the time they can reward people by letting them wear casual clothing on normal work days. People enjoy it, it boosts morale and it doesn’t cost the company anything!


Isn’t there a Dilbert cartoon on this? I believe the line is: Jeans are not allowed because they look good and feel good and you already own several pairs.

Makes about as much sense as any other excuse.

I think it is because denim blue jeans are just too damn comfortable.

Yep asterion, that’s the Dilbert comic.

I’m a lab worker. Jeans and T-shirts every day, baby! Woo! Go science!!

At my company, we’ve been informed that we’re required to wear business casual (despite having no contact with anyone outside our department) because it promotes a more professional atmosphere. If we’re allowed to wear jeans, apparently chaos will ensue. :rolleyes:

And the truth comes out! I guess this refutes the rumor that you’re a famous sci fi writer :).

Um, /hijack.

And IIRC, the line belongs to Catbert, the evil Director of Human Resources. (Cats are the perfect HR directors, according to Scott Adams, because they’re cute and fuzzy, people like them, and they don’t care if you live or die. :wink: )

I produce TV news.

This morning, my anchor was wearing blue jeans behind the desk :wink:

I work a back office job with no client contact, yet have to dress formally in a suit and tie every day. Go figure.

We wear business casual M-Thu, and on Fridays we can wear jeans.

No t-shirts or shorts, though.

It probably goes way back to the time when the only people who wore denim were manual laborers (farmers, miners, factory workers, etc.). For instance, Levi’s were originally sold to miners during the California gold rush. That hijack aside, businesses probably want to project a “higher-class” image.

Laborer, Shmaborer. Work is work. If there’s no one to impress, why bother? I am currently stretching the rules by wearing black denim. I say “tough shit”. I look better in jeans than a lot of people do in their matronly, dowdy, stretch pants and polyester print blouses. There! I said it.

I was just noticing a related phenomenon. Our dress code is no jeans m-th, but I routinely wear black Levi’s on those days without anybody saying anything to me. If I had a more visible job function it might be different.

Anyway, we had a charitable contribution drive at the beginning of this month where you got a day of casual attire for every dollar you contributed, so I get to wear blue jeans every day this month. Why is it that blue jeans feel better than other colors? :slight_smile: