Dress code on an airplane?

As I was flying back to Portland last night from SF, I noticed some folks boarding my flight wearing practically nothing. The flight originated from Mexico, so there were lots of beach vacation folks on board. One woman was wearing a bikini top and shorts. Another dude had a Hawaiian shirt on that was totally unbuttoned. Another woman was wearing skin-tight pajama bottoms. Yet another woman was wearing a swimsuit cover-up. I should mention that I have no problem with this.

This got me to thinking: is there a dress code on a flight? Could a woman conceivably walk on board wearing nothing but a bikini? Could I board a flight wearing a swimsuit and no shirt? Could I go barefoot?

No shirt, no shoes, no service. :slight_smile:

The individual airlines have the right to set dress standards and will kick you off the plane if you’re wearing something “offensive” or if your balls are hanging out, for example.

Usually they’ll only act if another passenger complains, though.

I’d be willing to bet that the scantily-clad people breezed through security.

One hopes, however, that regardless of one’s balls, they do the kicking out before the plane pushes back from the gate. :eek:

Once airborne, strip to your skivvies. I’m sure you won’t mind visiting with the nice people welcoming you to your destination.

I don’t know whether such clothing is offensive but I’d think it would be very uncomfortable. These people would have been freezing.

Why? Every time I fly, the plane is set at roast. It’s warm even before you pack several hundred bodies into a small enclosed space. And it’s much worse when planes sit out in the sun, as they would in these vacation spots. Seems like beach dress would be the most comfortable way to fly.

I always chuckle when I see people who were perfectly comfortable when they boarded their plane in the tropics, only to be delayed without their luggage in Chicago or Detroit in the fall! :wink:

Might be a nice change for me- my last few flights have been like meat lockers.

My experience is quite different. All the flights I take (both domestically and internationally) are always cold, cold, cold. Which I like.

Well, I’ve gone barefoot on a flight at least three times that I can recall, but then, I was the pilot so I could pretty much do whatever the heck I wanted.

If you’re talking airlines… I’d think there’s a general level of attire required to appear in public. Legalities aside, a topless woman (as an example) would probably be too disruptive for the comfort of the flight crew. Airlines have refused to board people who smell bad, or who are wearing t-shirts with wording other people might find offensive. I’d expect that at a minimum you’d need something around your loins, something on your feet, and if you’re female a shirt that conceal your bust. A guy with no shirt at all might be pushing it.

Airline passenger told to conceal Arabic T-shirt

It works the other way around too. Another couple and my wife and I boarded a plane in Copenhagen in Novermber wearing heavy clothing including overcoats.

A funny thing happened in Los Angeles customs. My friend had bought some literature of the type that was frowned upon, if not forbidden, in the US at that time. (This was a loooong time ago.) He put the paperbacks in the inside pocket of his overcoat figuring that he wouldn’t actually be searched.

When we got to Los Angeles it was a lot warmer so he took off his coat in the customs shed and draped it over his arm at which point the books fell out on the floor directly in front of the inspector. He didn’t even look up, but my friend scrambled to get them in his pocket and out of sight.

An excellent reason for dressing professionally- if you do so, the chances of you being bumped to 1st class are enormously higher.

Piloting by Broomstick, say what?

A co-worker was told while flying British Air Business Class to Europe that as she had showed up in (clean) track pants, hightops, and a sweatshirt, they were “reluctant” to let her on the plane, and told her words to the effect of “in the future, she should dress more appropriately for Business Class”.

You buy a $6000 ticket and that’s the service you get…

one should give some consideration to the fact that there may be an actual emergency on the plane. that it may involve fire. that a bikini leaves quite a bit of skin to the fire.

i go with long sleeves, wool or leather jacket, wool or tight knit pants (may have to jump seat backs.) and tie shoes with leather soles (you will be able to sling the shoes over your shoulder/neck while sliding down the slide). no silk or nylon or rayon, or (eeeekkkkk) polyester.

i have never been warm on a plane and am very glad to dress the way i do. the leather really helps keep the cold at bay.

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While the social dress codes may be relaxing, especially on flights from San Jose del Cabo to Los Angeles, one should still dress for the crash, not the party.
[li] All natural fibers, especially against the skin.[/li]
[li] Layers, at least two.[/li]
[li] Leather or other fire retardant/insulating material on the outside.[/li]
Nothing that fastens too elaborately or out of easy reach, in case you need to remove it while in the water.[/ul]

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