Dried fruit recipes

I’ve intrigued for awhile about the possibilities of cooking with dried fruit.

Does anyone have recipes?

Things suitable for slow cooker or with rice would be especially welcome, but I’ll listen to anything once :slight_smile:

Well I was going to say I add dried fruit to rice pudding (usually raisins, or cherries if I have them). I also put dried fruit in bread pudding, almost any kind, if I happen to have it.

Not terribly creative, I’ll admit. :smiley:

Seen some good recipes for Moroccan/North African Lamb stews/tagines with dried apricots, dates, and sometimes sultanas, usually with a garnish of almonds.
The spice mixture in these tagines seem particularly heady and compatible with the sweetness that the dried fruits bring to the party. These are also easily converted to crockpot usage as stews and one could certainly substitute beef or even chicken, if lamb is unavailable or too expensive. Probably go great over rice, as well.

Lamb Stew with apricots and dates

I have also heard of pemmican mixed/served with rice as a trail food.

Perhaps, delving into the truly original and culinary truth of the American tradition, develop a Kari or Mid-East spiced pemmican, maybe some dried dates, dried craisins, dried sultanas, smoked almonds, Buffalo jerky, and suet developed with a kari spice.

One of the classic ways to use dried fruit is in a Compote, which I consider, essentially, pie filling or pie without the crust. I think the last time I used dried fruit in serious quantities was in making some Stollen. A German version of fruit cake or perhaps more descriptively fruit bread or brioche. The only bad thing about that stollen was that I didn’'t have any rum, so I substituted tequila… I would not recommend it. It gave it a very peculiar and cactusy taste.

I recently had some Archway Oatmeal Date cookies for the first time in some 25 years or more, my Mimi used to like them and she had them at her house.

I have a very tiny crockpot (not with me at the moment) and I can see a very creative and kids intensive ice cream night with a unique, warm, fresh and dried fruits, compote to top. Put the mixture of fresh and dried fruits and spices on in the morning with the kids and promise them Ice Cream and Compote as an evening snack. Teach them about patience, the culinary, reward, and all good things. Got to make your house smell awesome too… edible potpourri.

Really quick, easy and GOOD - Apricot Pork Tenderloin.