Drinking Baking Soda

It is common knowledge that when baking soda is mixed with vinegar, the result is carbon dixoxide gas as well as water. If someone were to drink a baking soda solution would it react with stomach acid to produce CO2 and cause a good deal of gas related discomfort and what else would it do to the person?

No gas-related discomfort. You just burp up the CO[sub]2[/sub]. Baking soda and water is good for an upset stomach and cheaper than Alka-Seltzer, which is just baking soda and aspirin.

what else would it do to the person?
Will Baking Soda work as an antacid?

Go ahead and try it yourself. It tastes a little funny but certainly no worse than Alka-Seltzer. Mix a teaspoon or so in half a glass of water and drink it (I think that is about right. Look at the box). I have done it many times and I am still posting. As a bonus, your mouth gets deodorized at the same time.

I do it all the time; I suffer from GERD (two ulcers and counting!) but can’t afford prescription meds. I once drank too much too soon; had a panicky moment when I thought I was gonna pop, but then I burped explosively.

Slip slowly to avoid this deceptively unfunny situation.

Will do.

This is also a good pallative after vomiting.

That bad taste in your mouth, and the burning feeling in your throat is from stomach acid. Baking Soda is a base, and will neutralize the acid, removing much of the discomfort.

Just mix a tablespoon or 2 of baking soda into a glass of water & drink it or gargle with it. It will leave you feeling much better.

“Tums” or generic calcium carbonate tablets are better that baking soda, No Na.

I just downed some and it is the BEST!

My SO has a bunch of other typical OTC meds, but they don’t work as good for me, that baking soda kicks a$$

The CO2 burp feels very good too.

Maybe so, but the bicarb will give really fast relief from acid stomach. Nothing else compares.

I use baking soda all the time to get relief. There is one caution, if you are really sick and stomach is hurting, beware that the baking soda can cause you to vomit almost immediately. You may even feel better afterwards, but need to be aware of the possible consequences. This does not happen for simple heartburn or indigestion.

Can’t they cure most ulcers these day with antibiotics.?

The antibiotics get rid of the H. pylori which helped cause the ulcer in the first place (for most people, that is) and contributes to its reoccurance. But you still have a sore spot in your stomach or duodenum or wherever that needs to heal. Because of the highly acidic environment, it generally takes a while to heal. At least that was my experience.

Not all ulcers are caused by H. pylori.

And I can’t take Tums, et al., because they give me kidney stones.

Ooh ooh me too.

I have gastric hyper-acidity. Doc will sure come along and correct that spelling.

Sodium Bicarbonate and her little bastard sister sodium carbonate (obtained by heating baking soda till it stops poofing) have been friends of mine since jr. high.

bicarb is a safe remedy if taken in small amounts. Those of us who require large amounts of acid neutralization have become familier with the concept of a saline laxitive. Two full teaspoons in a coffee cup of water will almost certainly give you diarehea.

Me. I stick with my srict regimine of zantac and tums after coffee.

It’s funny, but until after the introduction of tagamet (years ago) I didn’t know it was not normal to feel ill after eating.