Drinking Beer and Flowery Smell

I commented to a friend the other day after knocking back a few Sam Adams over dinner that everytime I have some beers, then walk outside, the air has a wonderful flowery scent. He noticed this too. Obviously it’s something in the beer, I’m guessing the hops, but why do I smell it so strongly only once I go outside?

Anyone else notice this?

Because you’re drunk.

Oh yea it’s definitely the hops. Noble hops like Hallertaur or Tettnanger will have a strong floral aroma, and are typically used in pilsners, but other styles use em too. No idea why you’d only smell it only outside though. Maybe because if you’re inside there’s more smells to smell? I’m a beer snob and haven’t ever had that happen to me, I smell the floral aroma as I’m drinkin it.

Well, yah!

If I concentrate, I can definitely smell the aroma while inside, but it seems 10 times stronger in the open air for some reason.

Maybe because I’m drunk.

ETA: I’m stressing that this is after I’ve drunk it all; not during. (of course I smell the aromas during)


You smell them more outside due to a change in the overall scents… inside, you were overloaded with them, outside, this time of year, there are less, so the lingering remains in your nose are more prevalent.

When I drink beer the world always takes on a wonderful flowery scent. Women also become more beautiful and I become unusually witty and charming. Or maybe you are just smelling the hops and malt in your mustache?

I plan to test this personally tonight.

Good for you! Always interested in the science.

It’s the hops. I forget which kind, but IPAs use the flowery-smelling ones a lot.

I had a nostalgic moment drinking a rye ale recently: it smelled exactly like the pressed flowers my mother collected when I was a kid.

Grains of Paradise can leave a perfumey flowery after sense as well.

I love IPAs, they’re my favorite. I must be a hops kinda guy.