Drinking carbonated drinks

What are the health effects from drinking carbonated drinks like Coke/Pepsi regularly, say 3-4 cans a day?

I used to do that, but in the last 5 weeks, I’ve almost completely stopped drinking them and switched over to some of these Fuze drinks?

Are they any better?


Well, if you drink them too fast, you will pass out. Don’t ask how I know this.

…or too much in 1 hour. I’ve heard about people dying from drinking 4 liters of Coke in an hour. UL?

I’m no doctor, but I’d imagine that the main health effect would be that you’re consuming about 600 empty calories a day.

That can’t be all that good on the ol’ waistline, not to mention the tremendous amounts of sugar in your average soda.

I’ve never seen Fuze before, but I’d guess that they also have a good number of empty calories.

What about all the caffiene? It can cause alergic reactions, and other adverse conditions. Sugar has been mentioned.

Carbonated soft drinks with the heavy loading of both caffiene and sugar probably account for most of the ADHD seen in youg children and then physician and even school personnel have them put on yet another drug, ritalin, to calm them down.

Why not drink plain water? Much better from a health standpoint although you may consider it tastless.

Yeah water is rather tasteless. It’s SO important to drink enough of it though. A good soda substitute, for me anyways, is 1/4 sugar free lemonade mix (Crystal Light is a good one), and 3/4 water. No caffeine, no sugar, scarce calories, and you can guzzle that water much quicker when its got a little taste to it.

If the rumors are true that Coke will clean the rust off of bolts and screws soaking in it, then I’d be scared to put 3-4 cans of it a day down my gullet.

I thought ritalin was a stimulant too, and that sometimes ADHD kids are sometimes given caffiene to se if that works before resorting to ritalin.

Unrelated to that, I always find it amusing when non-carbonated sugar water is market as being much more healthy and natural than carbonated sugar water.

Call me elitist, but I really hate it when people say water is tasteless. It’s not. I haven’t had a carbonated beverage in several months (even then it was just a can or two) and I can taste the difference between several different types of water.

Either way, you’ll find that breaking off from the caffiene in soft drinks will make your life loads better. Overall it gives you more energy and helps you to sleep better, which is always nicer than sleeping less and getting the fake energy boost from the caffeine.

First, that’s not just a rumor – it’s definately true. Coke (and most soft drinks) are acidic (that tart taste) and acid, even mild acid, will take rust off bolts & screws. so will a lot of other things, like pickle juice, sauerkraut, or even just plain spit. Iron rust just isn’t that hard a substance.

And “scared to put that down your gullet”? What do you think is down there? You’d be astonished at what the acids in your “gullet” would do to bolts and screws – not just clean the rust off; they’d start to dissolve the bolts themselves! Coke is mild compared to stomach acid.

Hooray for the human digestive system. Mine has kept me happy for 50 years!

Too much soda is terrible for your teeth. Especially colas like coke and pepsi. I can actually feel Coke on my teeth.

Gyan9, that sounds shaky, though 4 liters of anything in an hour isn’t a great idea (depends on which soda really). A bit off topic, but some friends of mine staged a challenge wherein one tries to down a gallon of chocolate milk in an hour. After about 1.5 L most participants quit.

According to the label on a Fuze (flavor: Banana Colada), 90 calories with none from fat. The stuff has like half daily req. of Calcium, Vit. C, quarter of vits A, B3,B6,B12

Coke and many other sodas contain phosphoric acid which is very bad for teeth. Even Diet sodas have the same amount so they’re no better for your teeth.

Well, in May I gave up Mountain Dew, of which I was drinking approximately 2 liters a day, while telling myself it really was much less. Kicking it was traumatic.

I figure anything that hard to give up couldn’t have been good for me.

BUT–I still haven’t decided what I’m gonna replace it with. There was the time of the mid-afternoon caramel machiato (which cost $3.75) (compare to 79 cents per two-liter for the Mtn. Dew–it was always on sale someplace for 79 cents) so in order to afford this habit I had to skip lunch. Probably not healthy.

Mostly I replaced it with coffee, orange juice & water. I already drank a lot of water (along the with Dew) but now I drink more.

But something’s missing. I need something that makes my mouth sparkle for a few minutes. Water is blah. Denver tap water is like drinking out of a swimming pool.

Oops, without all that caffeine I lose focus. Health effects. I don’t feel any more healthy. I do seem to be about 18 pounds lighter. I don’t feel any lighter, though, and now my skin doesn’t fit.

You cant just suddenly give up caffeine, you have to do it gradual. And you will feel the benefits in the long run.

And how you could drink Mountain Dew is beyond me, that stuff is GROSS!

By this logic, giving up food, water, or air, would be great for you!

Got a legitimate cite for that? Your statement certainly contradicts current mainstream medical thinking.

As for the OP, the big problem with drinking that much is the excess caloric load. The caffiene load, while not trivial, pales in comparison to someone drinking 4 or 5 cups of drip coffee a day.

Fuze contains a big calorie load, and the vitamins and minerals do not counteract this calorie load in any way. It’s not really a healthier choice than carbonated drinks.

I like water myself. And espresso.


Fuze contains a big calorie load

What’s calorie load and how do you calculate it from the calories listed on the label? (90 in case of the Fuze I consume, twice a day)

What about carbonated drinks with no calories/sugar/caffiene such as Seltzer water? I always hear plain water is a better choice than seltzer but never heard any explanation as to why that would be.

It’s got 90 calories per 4 ounces, for god’s sake! Read the nutritional labeling here.

The bottle holds 8 oz, but that is considered 2 servings, with 90 calories a serving! All carbohydrates. 180 calories in a bottle. Two bottles a day, 360 calories. Heck, Coke has only 100/8 oz.

Oops, my typing error, it’s 90 cal per 8 oz, with 16 oz./bottle. So 180 cal in a bottle remains unchanged. Calorie-wise it’s equivalent to Coke and other such drinks. All carbs. So if you drink 2 16 oz bottles a day, that’s 360 carb calories. Just as nutritionally empty as soft drinks. I discount all the jazzy vitamin and mineral additives, as noone has shown any benefit from consuming them in these amounts. A well-balanced diet gives you all you need there.