drinking sea water?

My son went to maui with grandparents and has become violently ill, I think he has been gulping down sea water. Would this cause diarreah, vomiting and fever? He’s been eating the same foods as everyone else in the house, they are not sick.

What are symptoms of sea water consumption… prior to going nuts?

Living near the ocean and having spent hours in it, I can tell you I’ve “gulped” plenty of sea water. Sea Water never caused me any problems. , There might be something in the sea water,( pollution) that could well cause those problems. Maybe a public health person will come along and set this straight.

Thanks. I suspect that he has been swimming with his mouth open and consumed far more than the typical snorkler though.

Back in the old days when they would want to induce vomiting a solution of table salt and water was sometimes used. You saw this if you watched the latest Bond movie (spoiler avoided). You don’t need to know who used it or if it works in the movie, but it does in real life, at least a lot of the time. It’s not recommended any more, like tourniquets or using a razor blade to cut an “X” over a snake bite before sucking out the poison.

How old is this kid? He doesn’t know not to drink frakkin’ salt water???

I apologize if I’m begging the obvious, but I hope the child has seen a doctor.

There is not nearly enough information here to provide any safe advice except to see a physician if the child is ill.

I agree. If the person is “violently ill,” the best course is to see a doctor. I’m going to close this thread.

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