Drinking with Historic connections.

My dad was a bomber pilot.
We stopped of at an lodge once on the road, and we bumped into a WWII wartime buddy of his.
The guys was short, in his 80’s & had one hell of a sense of Humor. The two chatted for a spell.

Later as we were driving home my dad told me the guy was Paul Tibbits, pilot of the Enola Gay.


More BFD’s:

Tonight, I stop off at another lodge, and avery Volupous girl sits down next to me, and has a bull terrier with her.
The dog is a decendant of Generals Pattons dog, and the girl Pattons grand daughter.
If she lost 80 lbs she’d be a knock out.

Around the Horseshoe of the bar sat a cool guy named Barney. Barney was a 2nd liet. in the Army in WWII, and was XO in a unit that hung the majority of Japanese war criminals. A heck of a guy to talk to, he was present on the gallows for the executions that his unit carried out.

OK, so I kinda touched base with some US history,

Yeah, you meet one pilot who’s actually nuked a city, you’ve met them all. And the astronauts who’ve walked on the moon think of themselves as an elite community…