Drinks: You like the drink, but hate the name

Recently I was feeling the need to get drunk but we didn’t have much alcohol in the house - a rack full of wine I can’t drink, a bottle of Bacardi, and some dry and sweet vermouth. I don’t like rum very much straight, so I started looking through our little red bartenders book for a rum drink. I find JUST the drink I need - 1 part rum, 1 part sweet vermouth, shake with ice (ala martini) and serve. The name of this drink?

Little Princess Cocktail

I have no pride, I made one anyway. They are DAMN good. I don’t like rum, but you can’t taste the rum in a Little Princess Cocktail, you can barely taste the alcohol. I’ve been drinking a lot of them lately. One of my acquaintances has suggested naming them something cooler, his suggestion was The Equalizer. It’s definitely better than Little Princess Cocktail.

Do any of you have a favorite drink you would never order in a bar due to it’s name?

Well, I’m probably not going to order a blow job from a male bartender.

The bar I go to serves a drink called a Buttery Nipple. It has Bailey’s and some other stuff in it. But I will not order it by name, I always say “those drinks you make.” I think if I ever actually ordered something called a Buttery Nipple out loud in a bar, my brain would slide out of my nose.

So what you do is, you go in the tavern, stare the barkeep straight in the eyes and say, “Gimme a RUM MANHATTAN.”

I don’t have this problem, as I usually order booze on ice, or beer, or something like a martini. Otherwise, I get around stupid names by asking for the drink by its contents: “I think I’ll have a gin and grapefruit, tall glass, rocks,” instead of “A Salty Dog!”

I’ll second the buttery nipples.

Yep. I was going to say Buttery Nipple, too. I think it’s made with Bailey’s and butterscotch schnapps.

I don’t really like ordering a Purple Hooter, either.

Yeah, in bars if I am getting a mixed drink it is either a martini, a scotch and soda, or a gin and tonic.

Okay, then, the next round’s on me.

I was just worried that you were gonna order one of those Buttery Nipples, and I might have to draw steel on those bikers on the other side of ya.

Buttery nipple… Is it Bailey’s, and Butterscotch schnapps? We call that a Cocksucking Cowboy here in Melbourne.

Panty Droppers.

They’re foofy as hell, but I love 'em.


12 shots gin
1/2 tub Cool Whip
1 can Five Alive concentrate

Blend. :slight_smile:

I just hate saying “Panty Droppers”… something about everytime I do I can feel another little y-chromosome dying. :wink:

Confound it, Uke! What the hell kind of drinker are you? Thats a greyhound, not a salty dog! You gotta have salt on the rim for a salty dog.

This has been your alcoholic PSA for the day.

That chocolatey New Jersey favorite: Yoo-Hoo

I don’t like to ask for a cum shot. That’s what they called them for a while anyway. They’re good, but the name is so contrived.

The Harvey Wallbanger. I love it. When I order it though I pretend that I’m ordering it for some imaginary girl, I kind of shrug and motion my head toward some random girl in the bar to pass off the shame.


My 2nd favorite drink actually has a name???

reads further down the thread

Um. I think I’ll keep ordering a gin and juice, thanks.

As to the OP … I’ve always thought ‘Peppermint Patty’ was a stupid name so I’ll keep ordering a “Hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint schnapps, please”. :wink:

THere’s a bunch of names for a Buttery Nipple…order a “Copper Camel” instead. (bartender is supposed to float the Bailey’s over the butterscotch Schnapps instead of just mixing em together). Or order a slippery nipple…most places make the butterscotch and Bailey’s over the traditional peppermint Schnapps and Bailey’s. Or you can order Bailey’s Hot Shot, Butterbee, Camel Hump, Cowboy Cocksucker(or just plain cocksucker) or a Monkey Cum. All the same damn drink.

[sub] used website http://www.webtender.com for reference[/sub]
Personally I like a drink called a “Bald Pussy” but I just cannot bring myself to order it in public.
Barkeep, give me a Rolling Rock, please.

FYI, a Blowjob is the same as a Buttery Nipple with whipped cream ontop.
Simetra, maybe its just me, but I think the name Panty Droppers implies a more than healthy amount of testosterone in the connotation. What reaks of Y-chomosomes more than something the implies it will get your female party guests drunk and pantiless?

No, no, no. A Blowjob is Kahlua, Gand Marnier and Bailey’s, topped with whipped cream. Use of hands to pick up the shot is NOT allowed.

Probably depends on the bar, but in my bartending/college days there was rarely any Grand Mar around, and it was always made with Baileys and Buttershots.

Its one of those drinks thats never the same everywhere.

I’ve worked behind the bar at a couple of hanger parties. At some point the beer kegs run dry, we’re tapped out, and the only thing left is

Blackberry Cider. It’s purple for crying out loud.

So, being a real SOB (Sober Obstinate Barbarian) I refuse to give drinks to anyone-- even them linebacker biker types-- until they actually pronounce the name of what I am about to pour.