Dripping Faucet vs Human Head

I heard a crime scene investigator say he once found a body in a bathtub. The person’s head was under a drip (from the spout or shower head, I do not know) and, according to the cop, the constant drip bored a hole through the guy’s head.

Unfortunately I was eavesdropping and didn’t get to ask any questions.

First, is this possible (yes, I’m familiar with water erosion in general)?

Second, how long would that take? How long to bore through just the skin? Just the bone? Skin and bone?

The Master Speaks.

That’s water torture - different from what I’m asking. I’m asking about erosion times, essentially. If a drip can indeed bore through skin and skull, how long would it take?

It didn’t happen. That is not how water erosion works, and in any case, the flesh would have rotted off the skull long before a drip could “drill” a hole (even if it could).

This. Plus, even if the water was able to form a small depression, the damage would stop because the water drops would be dropping into a little water ‘puddle’.

This is what happened to the neighbour of an aunt of mine (and not only the skull). She claimed that the smell when the people, who took care or the carcass, opened the window was not particularly agreeable.

Yeah, it sounded suspect to me too. But he was talking to another cop, so I don’t know why he’d lie. Thanks, guys.

You describe this guy as a crime scene investigator, but I suspect he was likely a cop who happened to be there when the crime scene was being investigated.

I remember a case in the ER where the medics reported a self-inflicted GSW to the forehead, and there was a likely looking mark there, but eventually we found the real entrance wound in his mouth. Probably smacked his forehead on the way down.