Drive From Boston to Paris:Can It Be Done?

Suppose you wanted to emulate the Great Auto Race of 1907…could one actually drive a car from Boston to Paris? Would the following route work:
-Drive To Vancouver, BC, Canada via US Inerstate Highways.
-ALCAN Highway : Vancouver-Anchorage, AKL
-Local Roads From Anchorage to Nome, AK
-Ferry Across Bering Straights (Damn, WHEN is that Bridge going to be built?)
-(Tricky Part-any local roads to Vladivostok, Russia?)
-In Vladivostok, have your car fitted with wheels to fit Russian rail guage, you drive on the Tran-Siberian Railway
-Vladivostok to Omsk (3700 miles)
-Moscow-Bialystok, Poland (Join european highway system)
-Finally once you enter germany, you drive highways to Paris!
If this could be done in 1907, how long woul it take you today?

While this might be techically feasible, I kind of doubt that you’re allowed to do it. What happens if you meet a train coming the other way?

-Local Roads From Anchorage to Nome, AK – there are none.
-Ferry Across Bering Straights – there is none.

In the original Great Auto Race of 1908, the American team took a boat from Seattle to Alaska, only to discover that the route to Nome was totally impassible. They got a time credit (shades of The Amazing Race, lol) but was the first team to cross the finish line anyway. And the German team cheated by taking a train across the western U.S. :smiley:

The 100th anniversary of the Great Race is in four years…wouldn’t that be a great time for a sequel??

These people drove from Vladivostok to Instabul in a Toyota 4wd

Or you could try this

It could be done. You’d want either a Leslie Special or a Hannibal 8 for the purpose.

Haven’t Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman just ridden their motor bikes from London to New York?
So it’s possible on motorbikes. It took them three and a half months, they said on Jonathon Ross’s chat show. Can’t remember what route they took, but if you’re interesetd, I’m sure you could Google it up.

The point is, if you can do it from London to New York, you can surely do it from Boston to Paris.

Here you go …

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No, no, absolutely no! When a company of this repute, stakes it’s reputation on the likes of of a man like this, a cheap carnival performer, a fraud! a trickster! well, it’s disreputable.

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Good plan, except there is no road from Anchorage to Nome, nor is there a ferry from Nome to anywhere. The only overland way to get to Nome is on foot in “summer” and by snowmachine or dogsled in winter.

Guess I should have read all the posts first. :smack:

Surely you mean this? :smiley:

What about going north over the pole? Any solid packs of ice that one could traverse north of Canada and then south into the USSR?

Outside the box people, outside the box. :wink:

There was an effort recently by some team to create a vehicle that could not only work in the water, but crawl out onto pack ice as necessary. The object was to be able to traverse polar areas. I’m pretty sure the thing was unusable and failed miserably in tests.

Wouldn’t an existing hovercraft work just fine?

…we need a Trans-Bering Straights Bridge! It will stimulate the developement of the new Inter-continental highway network! (Of course, Nome to Vladivostok eill take a few years to construct)!
Seriously, for the cost of a NIMITZ-class aircraft carrier, we could make this dream a reality!

I found the website for Ewan & Charley’s Motorbike trip.

The route shows a crossing over the Bering Strait, spending the night in Magadan, Russia then Anchorage, AK. I couldn’t find any details on how they got from Magadan to Anchorage exactly. Pretty awesome feat. The documentary will start airing on the Bravo channel on 10/28/04.

The best I’ve been able to find is a mention of a ‘short flight’ across the Bering Straits. I suspect that it was long enough to get them to Anchorage.