Drive-In Intermission Movies

So… I am annoyed. I cannot find information about a clip that played between movies at the drive-in.

It had the song “Let’s go out to the movies, and get our self a snack.”

Does anyone know anything about this?

I don’t know much info about it, but the exact short you’re talking about is available on DVD. The Drive-in Double Feature disc with Giant Leeches/ Screaming Skull. The disc isn’t all that great, but the drive-in features are in really good shape- better than the movies.

LETS ALL GO TO THE LOBBY was made in 1957 by a company called FILMACK productions. IN 2000 the LIbrary of Congress added it to the National Registry of Historic Films, preserving a copy for all times joining such films as Casablanca, Citizen Kane and the Wizard of Oz… See for details on the registry.