Driver busted in ky trying to use homemade license plate apparently hes not the only one recently

Here ya go :

The cop didn’t notice bourbon was misspelled also?

I didnt hear about the CA one tho

He spelled it just like you and Kentucky do…

CNN wrote “hademade” so…?

bleh i need my glasses …

While these stories might seem amusing at first glance, those clowns pulling this stunt are “freedmen on the land”/“sovereign citizen” terrorists. They certainly are whacked-out nut-jobs, but they are dangerous whacked-out nut-jobs. A few LOE and government types could attest to that if said LOE and government types were not dead.

Relevant question: Did the number correspond to the actual registration number issued to that car? If it did, there was no attempt to deceive. He was displaying his registration number, as required by law, perhaps temporarily in the only way he could if his official tag was lost or stolen. I expect that if all his other papers were in order, he wouldn;t even been ticked for something so trivial.

Relevant answer: this might be a clue:

    After further investigation, police determined that the vehicle driver had no insurance and was driving with a suspended license.

In the case of the forged California plate:

    "There was a host of mechanical violations on the truck but what really stuck out was the manufactured license plate" ... Anaya pulled the truck over and saw that the driver appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.

    After a DUI investigation, the driver was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and being an unlicensed driver. He also had an active warrant for hit and run driving, according to police.

    Anaya said a small amount of the drugs were in plain sight in the vehicle.

    The truck was towed away because it was unsafe to drive.

So while the presumption of innocence is a fine thing, would you really want to bet a large sum of money on any of these plates being just “legitimate” copies because the originals had been lost or stolen? :rofl:

From the article:

“After further investigation, police determined that the vehicle driver had no insurance and was driving with a suspended license.”

Kinda interesting, this. The headline on that page says “hademade” but the preview says “hand-drawn”:

Kentucky driver caught with hademade license plate


Just another thing for the Chinese to beat us at…

Well, here is a true story. A friend of mine spent a year’s sabbatical in France and shipped his car over. While in France, someone stole one of his license plates. He wrote to NY DMV, but they refused to ship him a new plate. In France you get a number, but it is up to you to get a plate. So there are people who manufacture license plates. He went to one and asked if they make a facsimile of a NY plate. They could and did. When he shipped the car, he was driving back home and a cop noticed that the plate was somehow “off”. My friend explained the whole story to the cop who shrugged and said he didn’t see anything illegal about it. My friend did get an official replacement ASAP, though.

Yes, I saw a plate like that once on a parked car. It had some words underneath about the non-existent “Free Republic of Ohio” that were the giveaway.

There’s also nothing illegal about a facsimile plate if it’s obviously not intended to deceive. The government agency that denied this guy the vanity plate he wanted thought that his solution was a hoot!

Spelling mistakes? That headline is “Cops watch at driver draws…”.

“Oss-men” my ass! :wink:

Canadians are so … polite. Seems like here in the USA the tale would have instead ended with somebody shooting up a license bureau office. Or the pickup truck driver.

Yeah, this is what I was expecting to read when I saw the headline - DMV closed and he couldn’t physically obtain a plate that he was entitled to use or something. But, yeah, as several others have pointed out, this is not a COVID-related story, it’s just a drug-addled fool.

Didn’t I see him on Seinfeld…?

I never used a fake license plate. But I will confess that when I was in college I made a fake parking permit to display in my car’s windshield. You could tell it was fake from up close but I was gambling that campus security would only be looking at cars from a distance.

I can’t think of a Seinfeld episode like that, but there was another Assman – also from Saskatchewan – who got fairly famous thanks to Dave Letterman. He has since passed away.

At my school, our permits went in the back window. We’d routinely back into the stalls in the far end of the lot that was up against a ditch. The cops had to be determined to check those ones since you couldn’t just walk behind the row of cars.
The other trick was that if you got a ticket, the next night you’d put the ticket back on your windshield.

Both of these seemed to have about a 50% success rate.