Driver stranded during Friday’s deadly blizzard shot and killed a good Samaritan who tried to help.

:frowning: Talk about a stupid and senseless tragedy. WTH was wrong with this guy? I’m curious to see how this story develops. Did he have warrants he was worried about?

The man has to be deranged or seriously doped up on something.

With stories like that, there’s almost certainly more that was left out by the participants.

“When they approached the stalled vehicle to help, the driver became irate.”

Even if he was drunk/high/whatever, which is totally possible, there’s still usually something that triggers people to get irate. Did one of them make a rude comment? Or maybe their actual intention wasn’t to be good Samaritans (that’s just what they’re claiming after the fact) - maybe they were looking to take advantage of the situation and rob him or something. For whatever reason, rightly or wrongly, the shooter apparently felt threatened.

Heres a link to the original story. Doesn’t have much additional details except there were others at the scene trying to help too. People typically will help stranded motorists during winter storm conditions…This could have been much worse. Thankfully only one guy got hit.

I agree there has to be more to this story that will come out in a day or two.

Just like the little girl with asthma inhaler it only proves that it doesn’t pay to be a good Samaritan.

Blame the victim? Really? Bottom line is he murdered an unarmed man.

Heh, hardly. Just submitting that with sparse details like that, there are plausible hypothetical scenarios that would make what seems like a totally senseless act of violence make a little more sense. It never justifies the escalation, of course. But I was merely pointing out that we don’t know what actually happened between these individuals, what was said or done, or what anyone’s true intentions (or states of mind) were, based on what is given.

Is it just me or did you have to rip up about ten thousand pages of law in order to come to that conclusion?

I’m thinking that the guy who was overreacting at the end of the situation might have also overreacted at the beginning of the situation.

Like what? Are you arguing that Heavner wasn’t murdered? Or are you arguing he wasn’t unarmed? Or are you arguing one of them wasn’t a man and Chefguy got the pronouns wrong? Because I can’t see how Chefguy’s post was anything other than the objective facts.

Quite likely. Just wondering what he was overreacting to, since the witnesses conveniently leave that part out.

Whatever it was, it apparently made him very sleepy.

So the moral is don’t help people. Will do!

Stranded man with gun gets the benefit of your doubt, man who doesn’t have to offer help but does so anyway and winds up shot several times while on the ground and wounded already as others flee is not afforded the same; interesting world view.

A follow up news articlewithout much detail, but apparently the stranded man has been charged with murder.

“A 27-year-old was in jail charged with murder Saturday after he allegedly shot and killed a Good Samaritan who tried to help him when he was stuck in the snow in North Carolina, police said.”

Rigamarole, Police have at least enough evidence to start on a murder charge. Perp was drunk and/or high and likely to be involved in something illegal, and freaked at the thought of strangers calling the police for help. And he was so wasted that after he went and put a bunch of rounds into a wounded person that was clearly not a threat, then went back to his vehicle to pass out. Well, I’m having trouble parsing how this can be spun into a Trumpish “I just don’t know” thing…

Sounds to me like the stranded guy was so drunk he was on the verge of passing out and when the good samaritans realized it they decided to call the cops. The stranded guy, being pretty much drunk out of his mind and operating on primitive lizard brain, thinks to himself “Must. stop. man., can’t. call. cops.” and shoots one of the guys in an effort to keep that from happening. Then, still in lizard brain mode, he continues to fire over and over to make sure the guy is dead. Then, feeling the threat is over, he returns to his car where the alcohol he’s drunk finally overcomes him and he passes out.

He probably has little to no recollection of what happened and can’t believe he’s now looking at life behind bars. I have no idea what kind of person this guy is, why he was carrying a gun, or whether he’s sorry he killed someone or feels badly for his victim’s family, or whether he’s just a bad apple concerned mostly with how all this is gonna affect him.

But he’s in it deep now and someone’s lost his life and a family is without their loved one. It’s just a bad situation all around.

Another article from a few hours ago shows us a little more about Mr. Lee’s demeanor:

So, no motive yet, but I’m betting he refused to leave without his hood and his mini confederate flag wrapped around the gear shift. :rolleyes:

This hits home hard for many of us dealing with snow and ice. We got six inches in Little Rock Thursday night. It melts into slush in the afternoons and driving is fine. It freezes into ice every night and the unplowed roads are horrible until almost noon…

I’ll still help people anytime I can. My neighborhood is hilly and cars get stuck on the ice. I help when I can knowing that the next time it might be my car spinning its wheels stuck. You reap what you sow.

Except for the thousands of times a day being a good Samaritan works out great for all involved.

Well, for starters, murder is not defined as “a bullet leaves the barrel of a gun and someone dies from it.” The law defines multiple degrees of murder and lesser charges such as manslaughter. If a person is insane, we do not consider them to have committed murder.

Many elements of the law depend on the intent and knowledge of the perpetrator. Therefore, asking what he may have seen or interpreted is not victim blaming. It’s an essential part of the legal process.

But more importantly, I want to know when people are going to wait for evidence and testimony to be gathered. Yes, the facts as presented sound bad, but I’m not going to pretend for an instant that the first set of reports issued to the press are the full story. Eye witnesses get things wrong all the time, and police investigations are not updated hourly on social media. Did we forget that false eye witness reports were the basis of a riot recently?

The only thing you can do quickly is jump to conclusions.