Driver's License Pic? No smiling in four states..

I just renewed my driver’s licence and for the picture, I had to remove my glasses and have a “neutral expression”. No smiling please, in BC, Canada.

Actually much less so. If all someone has to do to thwart face recognition is smile, the whole system has come into question for me.

Am I allowed to frown? I do, all day, walk around frowning like a grouch.

One thing that bugged me was when I got a license in Ohio one time, and they made me take my glasses off for the photo. Um, look, I’m required to wear glasses to drive, my glasses are on my face from somewhere about 5 seconds after I wake up until somewhere about 5 seconds before I go to sleep, but having my glasses in my picture is going to inhibit a cop from telling that it’s me?

What’s next? Telling me I can’t wear my beard? I need to trim my bangs?

Depends. Have they grown down over your eyes so you can’t see to drive?

You can still smile in Florida :smiley:

And the ONLY thing they’ll use the technology for, I’m sure. Rest easy and resume your lives, citizens! We’re in control.

You can smile in Nevada. The Nevada DMV clarified this in today’s newspaper.

USA Today: that shitty paper they shove under your door at hotels, which you then throw away without even opening.