Drivers license, state to state

My brother lost his license for 2 year, for second offense failure to have insurance.

He was test driving a car he had been working on, and drove it down the street from his house. The signal didn’t work, and that’s why he was pulled over the first time.
You would think he would have learned his lesson the second time. Nope! He thought he was slick and tested it at night, I guess thinking he was better off, and got it again. He really screwed himself, 2 years loss of license in NJ.

This is 7 months later. He is moving to Oklahoma in March, and he wanted to know if he could get a license in this state. Does anyone know if that is possible?

If so, what would he have to do?

Thanks, JD

About 10 years ago the US Congress enacted the States Drivers License Compact. It is a way for states to obtain the driving records of those applying for a drivers license if they lived in another state. It also allows your home state to apply restrictions imposed on your driving privileges from other states. The level of participation varies from state to state though. Most likely your brother will be told that his license is suspended and he will have to wait. Here is a site with good info.

I’m almost certain it’s on a state-by-state basis. You’d probably have to ask Oklahoma. My guess is that if his license in the original state was suspended, it will likely carry over into the new state.

A friend of mine moved from Virginia to California, and upon getting a DL there, they contacted him about a month later and told him that the number of points on his Virginia DL == Suspended license in California for a year. So they certainly pay attention to previous records in some cases.

I don’t know about Jersey, but I will guarantee you that if you ignore a speeding ticket from Louisiana long enough, Oklahoma will suspend your license.

Fortunately they gave me 30 days to pay the ticket first.