Drivin cross da country

As some of you know I was in Dover Delaware during the incident yesterday.

Airlines are still unreliable and one of the legs of my trip home tomorrow was cancelled.

So, since i have my rental car still a coworker and i will be driving from Delaware to Seattle. I am going to attempt to make the trek in 3 days. We shall see how it goes.

Wish me luck!

Burn, you know I’m in Nebraska, right? Not too far off the interstate, either.
You need a place to stay or just relax for a while, let me know. Not a particularly clean house, but a welcoming one.
Drive carefully,b

Thanks for the invite… i thoink our current route takes us through MN ND and MT but if i hit Nebraska i’ll email ya

Which route you going, BMU? 3 days is really optimistic, but as someone who’s done the cross-country drive twice in the past year, I wish ya luck.

You’ll never make it in three days. (Of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be way wrong. However, I’ve gone from Buffalo NY to Snoqualmie Falls WA, and I’m fairly certain you will never make it in three days.)

All that said, drive safe!

Nah, with two people driving you can make it across country EASY in under three days. You just gotta know how to handle your gas stops, IE not stopping for 30-45 minutes everytime you need gas, make them under 10 and you’ve got it made. Plus driving 15 -20 hours a day would really get you there pretty quick. Anyway have fun on your jounry.

well based on the milage and typical 60 miles per the map software says 48 hours.

I figure with some short stops for refreshment and gas and sleep 3 days should make it.

Well in case any of you were curious, I made it back.

Only took 3 days… actually 2 hours shy of 2 days… almost 3000 miles but i made it home in time for my time off with my sweety :).

United just started flights yesterday so I’d still be waiting for a flight home tomorrow.

Oops i meant 2 hours short of 3 days

BMU, glad you made it home safely. Very glad.

I made it from Washington, DC to Amarillo, TX in about 2 1/2 days all by myself (except for a couple of hitchhikers that didn’t contribute to the driving).

On a Monday, I drove from noon to about 11 pm with some long stops, stopped just over the VA/TN border. Tuesday I drove from 7 am to 5 pm, and made it to North Little Rock, AR. I headed out Wednesday at about 7 am and made it to Amarillo about 7 pm.

My wife and I have also driven from DC to Maine in about 1/2 a day on several occasions.

I can see crossing the whole country in three days by two determined people. Plue the speed limits out west make it a shorter journey timewise.

Should be a nice drive through Montana…beautiful country.

Didn’t see this the first time around :frowning:

Montana was nice.

We left DE at 5pm and ended the first day outside Cleveland.
The next day we went from cleveland to Mitchell SD.
Then we did SD- Missoula MT.
Then we did a half day 7am-1pm from Missoula to Seattle.