Driving From Toronto To New York. Tolls?

This weekend a friend and I are making a trip to NYC to visit a friend who’s going to school at Columbia.

Via this route, how much are we looking at paying in tolls? There’s the toll at the border and on I-90, and I figure that there’s one around the city too.

We’re trying to keep a tight budget mainly because we don’t want to have a lot of cash floating around. A lesson learned from a previous trip.

The Holland Tunnel into Manhattan from NJ will cost you $6 I believe, but it’s free on your way home.

I just want to add that this new drag and drop thing from Google is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

Carry on.

I don’t know what the bridge from Canada to the US will cost, but it appears that you’ll be going from the north end of the NYS Thruway to Syracuse. The NYS TThruway Toll Calcuator seems to say that the toll for this segment will be about $5.85. From New Jersey into New York City, the toll will be $6.00 on the George Washington Bridge or Lincoln or Holland Tunnels, though there is no outbound toll. I don’t believe that there are any tolls for the remainder of your route.

Have a good trip.

Wikipedia claims the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge Toll is US$3 or CA$3.50 upon entering Canada, but there is no toll to leave Canada. Wikipedia also shows a 75 cent toll as you enter Grand Island (the toll booth is on the north bridge as you head southbound, and on the south bridge as you head northbound, so you pay to enter). The map claims I-690 is a partial toll road but I can’t find any other cites for that.

Slight hijack:
Are the toll booths in that area equipped to take credit/debit? We wasted about 30 minutes wandering around in Baltimore in the middle of the night because we came up against yet another toll bridge and didn’t have enough cash. We were too paranoid to go to the booth, lest there be a hefty fine. Finally found an ATM. Glad to be back in California, for once.

Pullet, that’s exactly the reason that we’re trying to find out how much it’ll cost so we can have designated toll money. We don’t want to end up at a $10.00 toll with $4.00 in cash in a foreign country at midnight or later.

So do they refuse to let you cross if you arrive at the toll booth with no cash? Or can they take a credit card? Or will they take your address down, let you cross, and bill you for a higher price later? This last option is the rumor that I’ve heard for California toll bridges, but one source said the increased fee was nominal and another said it was outrageous.


I came up with $6.10 from Niagara Falls to the I-81 exit in Syracuse.

I don’t remember the tolls adding up to more than $7. I’m pretty sure it was in the $6 range. I drive pretty much the 1-90 to somehwere just past Syracuse and then drop down to PA.

Thanks for the help. Only a couple of hours away from departure.