Driving on the left

In the column Why do the British drive on the left?, Cecil writes

I’m feeling thick. Why would sitting on the right horse tie up your right arm? Can’t you hold the horse with your left arm just as well no matter which of your horse there is another horse on?

Another thing:

Actually, there never were two different versions. Swedish cars had the steering wheels on the left even while we were driving on the left.

Right hand dominance prevails, therefore the teamster wants to sit on the LEFT horse so that his right arm (and lash) is toward the middle. Sitting on the left horse would require crossing the lash over his his own mount, and indeed the left rear horse might be unreachable.

Not endorsing this theory, just explaining it.

No, he’s sitting on the left horse. You want your whip hand to be in the middle of the horses, so you can lash them all easily. And if you’re right-handed, that’s your whip hand, so that means you have to sit to the left of center.

I’m trying to work out whether this is a complete howler by Cecil, or just the mistake that you point out. Because no matter what they were selling domestically, they were (and are) still producing both versions for export. :dubious:

News flash: Parliament has decreed that next year the UK will switch to driving on the right hand side of the road. However, in order to reduce mass confusion the change will be implemented in phases. Starting Feb. 1, all lorries and buses will begin driving on the right side, and passenger cars will switch over on June 1. :smiley:

Really? Cite?

Well, errrrm, how else did they continue to provide right-hand-drive models? (I’m assuming they didn’t, in 1967, have factories operating in the UK purely for UK & Irish production)

That’s how the Swedes did it, although their transitional period was only a week.

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