Driving through Wisconsin to UP Michigan. Any intersting stops/drives?

I’m going camping the Porcupine Mountains State Park(Union Bay), driving from Chicagoland north through Milwaukee and Green Bay(probably). I’m always looking for interesting places to stop, or nice detours to take along the way, but I’m not familiar with that area at all.

Are there any must see attractions in Milwaukee or Green Bay? Small towns? Scenic drives?

My route has me taking 43 most of the way, but I’ll take another route(like 39/51 through Madison and Wasau) if I have a reason to.

Any Scott Walker rallies possibly?

Well, Green Bay has the GB Packer Hall of fame, a train museum, and Heritage Hill State Park.

If you take 45 From Green Bay (ish) You’ll pass by a small wayside near the border - there is a marker for the source of the Wisconsin River (Lac View Desert, which is short drive) - just a big lake though.

If you take 41 instead you go by Oshkosh and the EAA Museum


In Green Bay, if you are at all a football geek, you probably want to take the tour of Lambeau Field, either in addition to or instead of the Packer Hall of Fame. I actually prefer the tour. You get to go through the tunnel that the players take out onto the field.

In Manitowoc you can tour a submarine.

You’ll drive past my farm. You can see it from I-43.

Kohler has the design center, which is fascinating to wander in for a few hours.

Or Sheboygan has the Kohler Art Museum, which is quite interesting in its own right.

Mar’s Cheese Castle off I-94 between Kenosha and Racine is good for stocking up on cheese and sausage and intoxicants.

But mostly if you’re heading through WI to get to the Porkies, I’d just concentrate on getting thru the state rapidly and efficiently. Da UP is quite nice, go there and eat pasties and hike, aina?


I know there is a map that shows all the cheese factories. Google “WI cheese map” and it looks like there might actually be several.

There’s a bunch of brewery tours as well. I’m not sure where they all are, but at the very least Lakefront Brewery is in downtown Milwaukee so it’s just a few minutes off the freeway. I think you’ll be going past both Leinie’s brewery’s but I want to say there’s only tours in one of them (I could be wrong though).

Probably only driving past the Leinenkugel 10th St. Brewery in Milwaukee, and they do not have tours. (I used to work there).

You got anything for sale?

Mosquitoes? Immature corn? Quagga mussels?

My cousin runs a nearby strawberry farm, he’ll sell to you.

Another cousin runs a nearby mink ranch. Need a few pelts? Or a live mink?

do you have gift baskets?

Get those at the cheese factory in Gibbsville. My aunt used to work there, but she’s now retired.

Cheese seems to draw mosquitoes, too. Go figure.

I wish I asked this question earlier. I would probably much prefer his/her’s to the Aldi strawberries I just packed.

Considering it’s 130AM and I’m still packing, and I want to leave by 6AM, I don’t think I’m going to be wandering around much on my way there. Maybe on my way back I’ll find a cheese factory or some other roadside attraction to see, but that probably depends on me finding internet access somewhere.

Ever heard of RoadsideAmerica.com? :slight_smile:

When my wife and I took a driving vacation a few years ago, we didn’t want to get bored on the long drive. We decided we’d stop at any ‘oddball’ thing along the way that wouldn’t slow down our trip too much. In other words, no museums… just things that would make a great picture opportunity. We would literally get out of the car, set up a tripod/camera, take a delayed snap picture, run into the scene for the picture, and be back in the car in less than 5 minutes. It turned out to be one of my fondest memories that our friends and family still talk about today. (we kept them updated on our journey along the way).

Here are a few suggestions:

Libertyville, IL
Paul Bunyon, Giant Cow, Giant Milk Bottle

Wadsworth, IL
Gold Pyramid House

Kenosha, WI
Mars Cheese Castle

Milwaukee, WI
Statue of the Fonz
Lady Bug Building
Old Johnson Park Dinasaur
Statue of Gambrinus, King of Beer!

Sheboygan, WI
Woodland Sculpture Garden

Green Bay, WI
Giant Football

Bellevue, WI
Soldier/Truck/Cannon Statue

Beaver, WI
Half Way North, 45th Parallel Marker

Norway, MI
Viking Ship

Caspian, MI
Smiley Face Water Tower

Surely there must be somewhere along the way for the OP to stop and pet a BEAR? :stuck_out_tongue:

Admittedly not really on your way, but…

If you like beef jerky, smoked meat, sausage, etc. Held’s Meat Market in Slinger has the best beef jerky I’ve ever eaten. Fantastic stuff!


If you go, bring me some back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditto on the Kohler Museum. Always interesting exhibits and the bathrooms are amazing. http://www.jmkac.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=115&Itemid=75

Mmmmmm pasties.