Driving to Endanger?

I was out with a friend of mine tonight, and he got bored and decided to do a donut in a parking lot. As we were driving away, a cop pulled him over, went through all the details, and then gave him a citation for driving to endanger. There was no ticket but it says that he has to set up a court date and go through with a hearing. What I’m wondering is this: if he’s doing a donut in an empty part of a parking lot, can he still be citated for this, because he really can’t endanger anybody, and does anyone know what the penalty for this is if he’s found guilty at his court appearance?

Your friend was cited for “driving to endanger” because he endangered himself and you. Harmless as they seem (and fun as they are), doing donuts can cause one to lose control of, or even flip, one’s car. Mmmmm, donuts.

I don’t know about the fine/punishment, though.

This is Maine law, your state may vary.

§ 2413. Driving to endanger
1. Definition. A person commits a Class E crime if, with criminal negligence as defined in Title 17-A, that person drives a motor vehicle in any place in a manner that endangers the property of another or a person, including the operator or passenger in the motor vehicle being driven.

  1. Penalties. In addition to any other penalty, the court shall suspend the driver’s license for not less than 30 days nor more than 180 days, which minimum may not be suspended. If the court fails to suspend the license, the Secretary of State shall impose the minimum period of suspension.

As ** nineiron ** mentions, it doesn’t matter whether there is anyone else around, endangering yourself and/or passengers is enough.

And you thought cops liked donuts! :slight_smile:

Besides, if you wreck your car doing something stupid, your insurance company is going to have to get involved. Better you get ticketed for being a moron than they have to pay you for being a moron.
Although, if your friend owned the parking lot (and could prove it) he may be able to get out of payng any fine.
Private property and all that…

thanks for the info and reasoning. a friend of the family who happens to be a cop just told me that the fine(in MA) is 60 days-1 year suspension and a 300 dollar reinstation fee. sucks for him.